I'm reporting for work today. Given that next week means a week long break, I don't mind giving up Sunday. I can't wait for the next week. There will surely be family reunions during the All Saints Day. Although I tend to avoid some relatives who never fail to verify when will I get married. I'm all done with the explanations. Hahaha While waiting for the vacation, I hope to accomplish all pending tasks on Friday. If schedule and resources allow, I wish to have a great dinner with my Friday friend, MFA :) I can already smell buffalo wings and jalapeno sauce. Hahaha 

The upcoming week marks the trick or treat season. I hope the workplace continues the tradition and my cousin's family as well. I'm excited to see kids in different costumes and shopping for candies too. Speaking of shopping, I hope to complete my Christmas shopping before December arrives. Although it's impossible, I wish that my regular salary will be sufficient for all the gifts. I wanted to preserve my 13th month pay for other priorities. Any freelance work will be also a welcome addition. :) 

Recently, I've been wanting to write about my most read blog posts and how it gave me insights on how to become a "popular" blogger. At least in my domain, popular meant regularly gaining hits and visitors. My posts that dealt with reviews such as LBC Shipping Cart, eRase solution, black pearl soap, Longchamp bags, Cath Kidston and my attempt to spot a fake vs. authentic Lacoste, emerged as my popular posts. Blog posts that concentrate on reviews is not a frequent topic I write. The irony. :) As much as I wanted my photos and sentiments posts to become more recognized, things work out differently. 

I enjoy writing reviews but lately, I discovered a trade-off. Writing product reviews will give hits and establish the much needed popularity indicators. Unfortunately, reviews have a way of attracting .... negativities. My post about LBC Shipping Cart for instance has drawn "below the belt" comments. I went to the extent of blocking comments that contained "foul" language. Everything started when LBC Shipping Cart started to have problems in their operations. Just because I had a great experience and others didn't, makes me biased and misleading. This I believe is unfair. Same as with my attempt to compare a fake and authentic Lacoste. I even received a long email from a reseller, who defended that Lacoste have legit shops that offer defective products for a discount. I didn't bother to explain. The worst I can remember was a husband planning to give his wife a Lacoste tote. He was forcing me to identify the reseller who gave me the fake tote. Because I was so agitated, I went to the extent of becoming a little personal. I told him if he really loves his wife, he wouldn't allow his wife to use a fake Lacoste. He will be man enough to spend a store purchased and authentic Lacoste.

These experiences will not prevent me from writing reviews though. However, I have to prepare myself for the trade-off. 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week. I believe I had more than enough introduction. Hahaha

My favorite inspirational signage  - Scored this wooden bookmark from Robinsons Metroeast. Lately, I've been buying small items with inspirational quotes

Postcard from Terra - Thank you dear friend for spoiling my addiction to Beatrix Potter! Part of me wants to become Beatrix Potter. She is one of my inspirations. 

Disney postcard - Thanks again Terra! :) Disneyland is no doubt one of the happiest places on earth. I want to come back but hopefully in Tokyo Disneyland. 

Arlo is love - I don't often watch Disney movies but one thing sure though, I always end up loving their production. Lately, it was Arlo from The Good Dinosaur that awakened the kid at heart in me. Through the help of my friend A, I was able to acquire the Funko Pop toy for Arlo. A little expensive... and threatens to become an addiction. As proof, I wanted to acquire Sadness  (Inside Out) and Spot (The Good Dinosaur) versions.

I'm typing this post while watching a horror Thai film, Senior. I highly recommend the film, even for those who are like me, have the weakest heart for anything horror. Hahaha Truth is, it's not frightening at all. It involves some mystery solving stories. 

My face is starting to feel oilier, must be because of some worries over the next days ... starting with the bills to pay. Hahaha Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!