Hello!!! I'm writing this post with so much thoughts in my head. I'm afraid I might end writing a disorganized post. The more pressing concern is a surprise weekend fever, bills to pay and an upcoming trip related to work. Today is not the best time to be sick. Added to this, I'm feeling quite paranoid because my cousin suffered from dengue hemorrhagic fever. I hope this is just fatigue or a prelude to minor cough or colds. I've already begged off some activities yesterday to rest. Despite the house arrest, I'm still feeling weak and unwell.

Yesterday I was able to chance a local talk show about journalism. It was refreshing to hear seasoned and untainted journalists, mostly those who don't appear on TV, to relay their sentiments about responsible and ethical journalism. I love that they didn't limit the profession to people with academic degrees on Mass Communication and the like. Anyone can be a journalist, given the tools offered by the digital age. However, not everyone can carry out the more important aspects of journalism. To be biased with the truth, not to be influenced by some powerful force and more importantly, to be always backed up by relevant and reliable data. This later justifies my long term annoyance with this former starlet, who wanted to be known as a political analyst and writer. Oh God forbids, please don't make her a newspaper columnist. Everything she says are reiteration of old issues of the previous administration. No facts, no data to back up, no extensive and legitimate research to begin with. 

As someone who works with different forms of data, I've always been keen and careful whenever I write reports. I mine information. I unearth information from reliable data. Sometimes, I get into trouble whenever I discover undesirable and unfavorable facts. Some will find a way to taint my hardwork. Some chose to battle the silent way, like unfriending and blocking me in Facebook. Hahaha It still surprises me whenever this happens. On my end, I hold on to the fact that I wasn't the one who started burning bridges. 

So much of these seriousness, let me share a few of the beautiful things that happened last week

Postcards from Terra!!!! - The first three postcards all came from Terra. Thank you dearest friends. Now I feel more guilty for being quiet for a month. These all arrived after my week long trip. 

Japanese postcard from Yuna - My first time to receive a postcard from a new found Asian blog friend. Thanks Yuna!

Tickets, instax photos from my past trip - Thank you Hong Kong and Macau for the wonderful experiences.

Souvenir from The Venetian Macau - I've seen The Venetian several times. I will never get tired of revisiting this magnificent place. Although part of me is wishing I could check in to one of their expensive rooms one day.

Goodies from Typo - While everyone is looking forward to shop at Cotton On, I had the same excitement except that I'm routing for Typo. We have Typo here in Manila but prices are so unforgiving. The Typo Shop in Gramercy Hong Kong is a favorite wasteland!!! Prices are way cheaper than Manila.

My first box from Althea - I was impressed with the fast delivery of Althea. I discovered Althea from fellow bloggers. Thanks to them, I learned that the site provides one of the cheapest deals for Laneige products. While I don't ambition to look like Song Hye Kyo, because I prefer Kim Tae Hee hahaha All these are part of my efforts to hide my real age :p

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!