A few weeks ago, I mentioned about my attempts to include exercise in my daily routine. I flew to Hong Kong with my family.  I had an out of town work. I got sick several days after. At this point, you can easily deduce that I failed. Haha I want to lose some weight at least before my birthday and Christmas. It could have been the best birthday gift I can give to my unhealthiest self. I had a Dengue and Zika virus scare. My entire back was aching. My fever came on and off for several days. My eyes always felt heavy. I lost my appetite. It was hard for me to sweat. Turns out, everything was the after effect of fatigue. I'm feeling way better now. Over the next days, I hope to recover that lost drive to exercise. I'm starting to gain excuses like my new work schedule that starts at 7 am. Haha 

I was away from Manila the past week. I attended a convention in Tagaytay, one of my all time favorite places in the world. The convention was held in the beautiful Taal Vista Hotel. It was my first time to see the place. The ballroom was nice. I was able to see the open space that provides a refreshing view of the Taal Volcano. The cafe in the lobby is equipped with unique and stylish furniture. Everything was perfect except for the food and the air-conditioning units in the ballroom. Unfortunately, I wasn't' highly impressed with the food. Our worst experience happened during the convention. The air-conditioning units did not function. As part of their service recovery initiative, we were given discount vouchers at Taza Garden. We tried the food but unfortunately, we never found anything special. Food was just okay. 

We didn't stay at Taal Vista. We chose another place, Tagaytay Wingate Manor. It was away from the main road, a little disadvantageous to reach. It's situated in the opposite road, so we had no view of the Taal Volcano. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my short stay. Accommodation rate was reasonable. Rooms were spacious but quite limited, so overcrowding never became a problem. Our package had free breakfast and evening massage. Perfect after a long stressful day from the convention! Best of all, customer service was great.   

Before I forget, I had the chance to finally see Nurture Wellness Village. We had a day tour of their facilities and their hidden farm. I'll let the photos summarize my week stay in Tagaytay.

This simple house serves as the home of the owners of Nurture Village

My heart, be still :)

First time to see a coffee tree :)

From Taal Vista Hotel

Love this spot at the lobby's cafe

During our stay, I was also able to dine at Bag of Beans by Charito

There are still so many places in Tagaytay I haven't visited. Balay Dako, Sky Ranch and the ever posh and popular Antonio's. And since I was traveling with colleagues, my documentation and photos are not comprehensive. Hopefully, I will be able to see the place again with my friends.

All photos were taken by my Samsung A8. :) I'm still not contented with the outcome of the photos. But the shots here were way better than this previous post.

I don't often relate my opinions about the political events in my country here. But the past days were beyond disappointing and frustrating. Sigh....

I have another full week ahead. Added to this, the spirit of the merriest and the most expensive season is everywhere. Hahaha Wishing everyone a great week ahead!