I always look forward for Saturdays. It is only on Saturdays when I am able to do my favorite grown up past  time, zzzzzzzzzleeeep. But I have to forgo my sleep day today.  I have to conduct make up classes with the sections that I am handling.

I forcibly dragged myself out of bed at 6 am. Prior to waking up early, I slept late last night to rush and review my lectures. So as you can see students, your teachers have their own cramming moments too. Yours truly is very very guilty! Well to make some excuse for myself, I am actually not a full time teacher. Teaching is an additional assignment given to me. I still have an eight hour job to fulfill. Hence, it is only at home when I managed to read and prepare for my lectures.

The lesser traffic is just one thing I love when reporting to work on a Saturday. My travel time to work is reduced to like 30 mins. during Saturdays mornings only. The train is likewise less populated over the weekends, lesser rush and lesser stress.

I initially thought that my students might ignore my effort to do classes on a Saturday. After all, it's their rest day too. But a number of them really took time to come on time and attend my class. The attendance was low, but I still continued with the lecture. To all of my students who came, thanks a lot. You paid off my efforts.

While I was having my lecture on my Microeconomics class, a sudden realization came to me. I never thought that I still know my Microeconomics. I was shocked when I started talking about real life applications of the Elasticity in Demand and Supply. I never prepared those things last night, I swear! Those things just came out of my mouth. Because of this, I now believe that "stock knowledge" is true. Stock Knowledge were terms I used to abuse back in College and Graduate School. When I fail to review for a examination, I usually tell my classmates that stock knowledge will save me. Well, I can now attest on it's real existence. Stock Knowledge is true people!

After conducting two straight classes, I felt something rambling in my body. I am hungry and I want a heavy lunch. Though the school canteen is open, I chose to endure my hunger for 30 more minutes in exchange for a full meal at Taco Bell! Moments like this makes me forget those lbs. I'm tired anyway and I think I deserve to pig out! Agree or agree? ;-)

My craving for a Taco Bell plate plus a take home from Bread Talk made my day. But my day is not yet complete, I have to drop by Ms. Ortho for my monthly check up. You read it right guys, I am a 20+ grown up who wears those metal wires.

I thought my afternoon activities would smoothly push through. But the holiday traffic disrupted my plans. My travel time from Gateway Mall to Marikina was 2 and 1/2 hours of eternity! I just left my things at home and headed directly to Ms. Ortho. Another point of waiting came my way, I waited for 1.5 hours for my turn. My original plan was to have a haircut and attend the anticipated mass after my check up. I like to squeezed in these activities today because I want to rest and stay home the entire day tomorrow. My plan failed! I want to blame the holiday rush. But I realized that this is always part of the season. If it is not traffic, if people don't seem to be busy and rushing, then I might as well not feel the Christmas atmosphere.

My long wait to Ms. Ortho however paid off. Dra. Lovi finally removed the braided silver wires in my brackets. I now return to those colorful rubbers. My teeth now wears blue green and I love it!

Finally arriving at home sweet home gave me some simple happiness. God perhaps knew how to make me a little happy. Sorry I still can't help mentioning my dilemma over that ruthless criminal. But to relieve this tiring day, I found favorites and some new favorites,

Butter Finger!

Ironically, I am not a chocolate lover! I eat chocolates but I don't crave for them. I have a limited picks for chocolate and one of them is Butter Finger. A family friend who came from the States gave this to me as pasalubong! Thank you ma'am!

Mister Donuts

Nanay bought this after spending a day at Trinoma with her golden aged girlfriends ;-)! Mister Donut calls it Pabuenas doughnuts. It's doughnuts inspired by Puto Bumbong, Bibingka and Buko Pandan. At first I thought it would be too sweet. Oh well I forgot to remember that since Nanay bought it, it is therefore not intended for people with sweet tooth. 

Matahari Carrot Chips

They are chips but they are not junk foods. This chips originated from Indonesia. Matahari sells healthy chips made from casava, carrots, etc. These are carrot chips and I can attest that it tastes like your regular junk chips. This product is a testament that delicious eating could also mean healthy eating!

Bread Talk's Coffee Almond Bun

I don't know the exact name of this bread. But just to describe it, this is a coffee bun showered with all those almond bits on top. It's the almonds that gives me the thrill in eating this bread.

At the end of the day, lbs! lbs! lbs!

Dear God,

Though I am still laden with that problem you gave me, I still thank you for giving me this simple happiness. My only wish is that I will be able to surpass this test. My silent wish is that someday, I will get back on my track and experience better things ahead of me...