The week before my birthday gave me sources of grief and frustration. On the day my most awaited 13th month pay was released, I lost money from a merciless criminal. I don't anymore want to relate its specific details, bottom line is someone ruthlessly stole a significant amount of my hard earned money.

I was trying to organize a reunion for my MBA friends. The thing is, only one person managed to confirm and at the very least, appreciated and thanked me for organizing it. Some of them sent me text messages to finally confirm that they are not available, a day before the date. Worst is one of them almost ruined the day of my birthday. How about that? Sorry, but you almost made me cry on my day. You know that my initiative turned out to be a one big crap yet you kept bugging me about it. It felt like you're insulting me. Maaan, it's my birthday don't you realize it? One of them whom I have devoted my time and efforts to that one big endeavor also aggravated my frustration. I was trying to organize a reunion and not a birthday treat. Now that you're done with your one big mission, I hope I made you happy enough.  I know everyone is too busy with the holiday rush, but a simple word of sorry and grattitude could already suffice me.

Lesson learned: From now on, prepare for frustration if you volunteered yourself to organize gatherings and reunions. Better yet, never make an initiative to avoid having those harsh feelings.

In case my friends are reading this, don't worry guys. Being the youngest in the group, I am just childishly sad. I am not mad.

On the day of my birthday, God still gave me a break and moments to remember...

I almost forgot that the night before my birthday, I had dinner with my college friend, Gracie! I never thought our dinner would push through. I was so thrilled when she confirmed her presence despite my short notice. I was such too busy with other things that I thought would make me happy. Thank you Gracie! Thank you for the cute pouch too. Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera and my phone went low batt. No pictures to post and relinquish.:-( But I believe that  memories stay inside the heart and there would be more dinners and get togethers soon.

On my way too work, I got stuck in traffic and you know what comes next. Late! Though I was late and will be expecting a tardiness memo next year, the people closest to my heart made my day.

My boss treated me for lunch at Binondo. I treated some of my officemates to a box of pizza. While writing this, I just realized that it's my first time to celebrate my birthday in my new department.

And the most awaited part of my birthday, dinner and dessert! 

 Tinee, you're the one to blame for my addiction to Grilled Tomato

Beef Kebab: Tinee's order
I ordered for Beef Keema but I forgot to take a pic :-(

After the Persian meal, we went to Kitchen of Cakes & Coffee (KoCC). Tinee was again the culprit. It was my first time to dine at KoCC and three words, I LOVE IT!

Time for Tea and Cakes!

My Sans Rival birthday cake ;-)

Tiramisu Cake? I'm not sure..
 Cakes at KoCC cost Php 80 per slice. The taste, price and size of the slice are reasonable enough for me.

Days before my birthday, I was mulling when was the last time I had a birthday cake. The last time I had it was when I turned 18.

God perhaps wanted to make me happy after everything...

My childish wish was fulfilled! Unfortunately, I forgot to make a wish before blowing the candle. I was thrilled with the fulfillment of a birthday cake. Though it was just a slice of cake, I don't mind. After all, this 27 year old grown up still remains to be very kid at heart.