I started having my own planner in my 26th year of existence :) This is my third year of keeping one and my original plan was to avail of the 2011 Belle de Jour (BDJ) planner. I bought my own copy at Fully Booked Gateway for Php 598 as early as October.

I started using the BDJ planner last year because of its chic design and the discount coupons that attract female shopaholics like me.
I thought I was already settled with my 2011 BDJ.

This year, I'm letting go of my BDJ planner for this

The "Relaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka" Planner 2011
This planner is produced by Witty Will Save the World Co. They are also responsible for producing the "I Was Supposed to Get That Coffeehouse Planner But I got Fat/Broke on the 10th Frappe Planner 2010."
I first saw their 2010 planner from my cousin. I was amazed with their hilarious and entertaining concept. But at that time I was already contented with my BDJ.  So how did I land on their 2011 planner?  I was browsing the winners of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. One of the awardees was Yoshke for Top Post for 2010 and Best Personal / Diary Blog. The blog incidentally featured the planner and I admit that Yoshke.com was partly to blame ;)
Here are some of the pages of the planner