I blogged about my cough days ago. My coughing almost diminished two to three days during the medication. After taking those meds, I thought I will be well. Unfortunately, things turned out worst. Aside from cough, I am now suffering from colds and fever. How about that? I am sick at the beginning of the year. Could it be because of the crazy weather? Or just because I have abused my body for the past nights. I slept at around 1 am for four consecutive days. By the way I'm a also a bit paranoid of monitoring my health condition right now. My friends know why.
I am forced to sleep late because I need to review and revise the papers of my students. If they have a deadline to beat, I also share that pressure. I have to review and return their papers to keep things going. Sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 4:30 am for my 7:00 am classes was silent torture to the highest level. My Nanay and I have been actually quarreling about this. She told me that what I earn as a part time educator is not sufficient to send me to a hospital. Hence, there's no reason for me to abuse my body.

I wanted to report to work tomorrow because it's a Friday. I love Fridays!!!! It signals the end of a tiring work week. It's also only the day of the week when I am not in uniform. I can wear my style (as if I have) or should I say my own clothes.

Dear God,

Please don't turn this into flu or something else worst. I don't want to consume my sick leave credits because it will become money soon (I hope so). Please also don't make my other members of the family infected too.

UPDATE: January 21, 2011

I consulted another doctor today. As usual, money down! This is the time when I realized that I should have gotten myself my own health card. The doctor said that phlegm is sticking badly in my body. I was given a new set of meds. If I would not be well after the medication period, I need to be confined already. NOOOOOO please!  Dear God, please make me well. :'-(