Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love Papemelroti

It was payday last Friday and to relieve myself from all those stress, I treated myself to this

Choose to Love Frame from Papemelroti
This decorative wall piece costs Php 350 and I am planning to purchase the two other designs for my room. Aside from purchasing this colorful and relaxing home piece, my happiness overflowed because I was able to receive this...

Papemelroti Loyalty Card
Papemelroti Loyalty Card
I am now a loyalty card holder of Papemelroti! Yehey! I have gained one reason to complete my Papemelroti wall pieces.

Customers who want to have this card should have accumulated receipts worth Php 5,000 from any Papemelroti stores.

I am a loyal patron of Papemelroti ever since High School. I love their notebooks, notepads, decorative boxes and wall decors. I love all their products and even the arrangement of their shops. In fact, I could stay and even work for their shop in a day, if given really the chance.

Sorry, I just can't resist shopping and posting my purchases from Papemelroti

Tic Tac Toe from Papemelroti
Thanks Papemelroti!


  1. Hi Ma'am Mercedes! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate the comment :-)

  2. I also love Papemelroti! Their products are just so cool. :)

  3. thank you Diane! from "ro" of papemelroti! :-)

  4. :( I wonder why they did not give me a loyalty card when I purchased worth of 5000++ wedding giveaways. Maybe they forget?? I love Papemelroti,too.

    1. Perhaps :( Did you keep the receipt? Perhaps you ask the branch :)


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