Muralla is one of the literary folios produced by Letran Manila. Among the volumes of Muralla, this is the issue that I loved the most.

The literary folio compiles works of selected students of Letran Manila,  from poems, essays, to short stories. What I appreciate on this folio is its theme about being a kid, living and feeling like a kid.

Muralla - inside pages
Happy, frustrating thoughts to silly things we used to do as a kid are showcased in the different forms of literary pieces.

I don't know or I may just be overreacting but the Editor's foreword almost made me cry. I was touched by the last three paragraphs..

"This is for all of us who played with the shadows, never worried about sizes of bank accounts and number of cars, enjoyed the "little" things in life, chased after the rainbow and the butterflies and cried over cartoons unwatched and ice creams not bought."

"This is a toast, an offering and a tribute to all the magic, joy, wonder and beauty that is in childhood and a fervent hope that life never totally robs us the child in all of us." 

This folio by the way won the Best Literary Folio in the 2003 Student Catholic Mass Media Awards. For 2011, I hope to read more books that touches the kid at heart of every grown up.