I do not have that plenty of friends. My quiet personality has something to do with it. I don't easily reach out and befriend everyone. I believe that being naturally friendly is God's gift to a few people. Not everyone is capable of projecting a real friendly personality. My officemate and friend, Andrea, is one of those few and blessed to possess the genuine sociable traits.

Andrea and I were never introduced to each other. Her cheerful and accommodating personality were more than enough for me to know her.  Andrea used to be connected with another department. But her work required her to regularly report to the Public Affairs Office. The former department where I was reporting was sharing the same room with the Public Affairs team. That's when I started to know the most cheerful person in the workplace. We had lunch breaks together, tsismisan moments during coffee breaks and the one thing I will never forget; she was always our roommate during summer outings.

If there is one person in the workplace, who loves everyone and is being loved by everyone, that would be Andrea. She was a popular personality at the workplace. Partly because of her cameo appearances in local movies and her stint at GMA's dating game show, Take Me Out.

She is Andrea Gregorio, tagged as the "dibdibang kaibigan" and she really was.... a cheerful but a real and serious friend...

Photo from Take Me Out Philippines' Fan Page

At a young age of 24, Andrea peacefully laid to rest. She was suffering from severe fever for days and the diagnosis came too late. It was dengue that took her life.

The last time I was with Andrea was last Friday. We had a Post-Christmas party in a KTV bar with some officemates. We were very happy and she sang as if  there was no tomorrow. She never manifested any form of farewell. What I saw that night was the typical her. 

We went home together. I accompanied her to the bus station and before I slept, I even texted her to check if she was able to reach home safe. Her response was, she was already home, and that was it. You are indeed at home right now Andrea. 
Rest in peace my friend.