Hiding your bulgy belly? Sharing the same problem with me? If your answer is a big NO, then lucky you! You don't have to read this article. 

My belly has been my growing problem over time. And yes it’s a growing problem because it keeps on getting bigger every year. I’m also beginning to believe that the amount of stress I receive is positively related to the size of my belly. More stress meant bigger belly. I have a little confession to make though. Food has been my constant stress buster so that explains the evil relationship between my weight and stress struggle.

The good news for women is that there are ways to at least hide the bulgy one. Thanks to the wardrobe academy.

I was not a fan of oversized clothes before. I used to think that they are only meant for pregnant women. Wearing them would make me look heavy and lousy. But my current bad shape taught me to appreciate them. What I failed to appreciate is the fact that its big space could make a room to hide my biggie.

Oversized Blouse from Celine

This is my first oversized blouse. I bought this from Celine with the help of my Belle de Jour (BDJ) planner discount coupons. I bought this because I was looking for a nice long top for my black leggings. When I first wore this, my belly heavy friends also wanted it. The dark shade and diagonal folds of the blouse adds more length than width to any body.

Oversized Blouse from Bench
This is my most favorite oversized blouse. I love it because it's comes in my favorite color and it's in Chinese collared style. This is the best oversized blouse that fits me because it has wide space to accommodate bulgy belly and its armholes are small enough not to make me look lousy. This is my problem in finding the perfect top. My arms are not just proportionate to my tummy. I am often troubled with blouses that fits my big tummy, but looks lousy in my arms and chest.

Oversized blouse from Regatta
This is a latest addition to my oversized collection. It's a black, Chinese collared, military inspired top from Regatta. See the orange tag?  Yes, tt's discounted. It was originally priced at Php 1,195 ($ 29) and now it's reduced to Php 400 ($ 10).Regatta is a sister company of local brands which include Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo and Red Logo.

I have seen a similar type of this blouse from Kamiseta and Jag. But I just can't find the perfect fit in these two brands. On one stressful after workday, I found myself at Gateway Mall and was led to the doors of Regatta. Shopaholic hormes attacked so I ended up with a paper bag on the way home.

It's just the first month of the year. I'm sure that there will be more oversized blouses to come. The shopaholic me just can't stop. But for now, I have to thank the creators of oversized blouses. They made my Mission: Hide Bulgy Belly accomplished!