Do you love hamburgers? Do you love vintage or antique stuff? If your answers are yes, then you should visit Mama Chit's Coffee House.
Mama Chit's is a small restaurant that sells the best homemade burgers I've ever tasted in my entire life. The burgers that Mama Chit's sell come in three sizes, the baby burgers, the regular sized burgers and the largest is equal to the size of a normal dining plate.

The smallest burger costs Php 50 ($1), the regular sized burgers is around Php 85 ($2.1). I haven't tried their plate sized burgers, but I'm pretty sure that it taste well with the regular sized burgers. The prices of their burgers are a bit expensive than those sold in the typical local burger stands. But as compared to the fastfood burgers of Mc Donalds and Wendy's, they are way cheaper and better in my opinion.

If my assessment is correct, the burger patties of Mama Chit's are specially formulated by the owners. The meat doesn't take like flour and those articifical extenders. The meat of the burger tastes genuinely meaty. The burger also has a special sauce mixture that complements with the vegetables. All in all, the rich ingredients provide a blend of a heavenly burger!

If I were to rate Mama Chit's Coffee House (in terms of food and place), I would definitely give 5 out of  5 stars. However, some people have pointed out weak points of the place. Common criticisms include the limited space, absence of airconditioning units and wifi services.

The place is truly small. It has only around six tables and less than 30 chairs. However, the decorative antique pieces displayed in the shop compensate the small area. I also feel that the owners did not design the place to accommodate a high volume of customers. Hence, they intentionally constructed the business in a limited space.

The place can survive without an airconditioning unit because the place is small and it's properly ventilated. The absence of wifi services is a true weakness. But the thing is, you can survive in the place without an internet connection. The vintage and antique stuff displayed in the coffee house is more than enough to kill your boredom.

Here's a picture of the regular sized Mama Chit's burger.
I know it's not deliciously photogenic. But I can assure you that it's real taste is way better than the picture.

Here are some pictures of the place,

Mama Chit's Counter
Another shot of the counter,

No items here are new.

Who says old metal signages are a waste?

Even the ceiling of the counter area is decorated with vintage stuff.

Mama Chit's Dining Area
The tables and chairs and look at the black and white floor!

Even empty softdrink cans are used as decorative pieces.

The wall of the coffee house is filled with old pictures of the owner and I think some members of the family.

Old Slot Machine

Look what do we have here! An old slot machine from the US!

Remember the old black telephone? The phone without the redial function and would require you minutes just to dial a number.

Aside from burgers, Mama Chit's also offers pasta, sandwiches and finger foods such as nachos, french fries and onion rings. It's a coffee house by name but ironically it's not known for the best tasting coffee. Although they also sell a few hot drinks and frappuccino.

Aside from burgers, I also tried their one of a kind nachos. Their nachos are not served with the typical beef and cheese. Their nachos are served with beef, carrot strips, pineapple chunks, apple slices and some vegetables. It's healthy nachos with a twist. 

Mama Chit's Coffee House is located at San Roque, Marikina City. It's a few steps away from the Marikina's Doll Museum and the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church. If you are commuting, take a jeepney ride bound to Calumpang Marikina City from Katipunan LRT station or at Gateway Mall, Cubao.