Though I have been feeling weak over the weekends, I still managed to do my stress busting activity... shopping!

Last Friday, I was able to buy my first blouse from Kamiseta in 2011. ;-) Kamiseta, for those who really know me, is one of my favorite brands in the Philippines. I love their blouses. I purchased this peasant blouse that comes in my favorite color.

Kamiseta Peasant Blouse

I have been hiding this blouse in my cabinet because I'm sure that my Nanay (mother) would again nag me for buying this. Typical mom would always remind her daughter to stop spending. That's me and my Nanay all the time.

I was surprised that Kamiseta shifted from their traditional paper bags. They now place your purchases in this bubble wrap envelope like bag. It's cute and unique, but I feel it will be less useful after.

During the weekends, I told my Nanay that I need to go to the mall to have several pages of a book photocopied. Even at this point that I am earning, I don't usually purchase books for my teaching. I opt to use the school library. But borrowing books sometimes even cost me more. It's because of the lame reason that I often forget to return my borrowed books on time. I always suffer in effect from book fines.

Before I left, Nanay requested me to buy her a new pair of sandals. I suggested that she come with me so that she could choose for herself. She went with me at SM Marikina, one of my favorite malls. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the mall. Regretful! I could have shown you some greenery in the city and some nice landscape architectures.

I was able to treat my Nanay to a pair of World Balance slippers and a merienda. Before we went home, we dropped by Bayo and as expected, I was able to make a purchase. Bayo by the way is another brand favorite. ;-) Money down! The shopaholic me attacked again.

I was able to buy this military inspired jacket.

Bayo Jacket
Thanks to my Belle de Jour coupon because I was able to get a 10% discount. Yehey!

As I am writing this, I still feel very weak, light headed and dizzy. But I still have a lot of work to do. Check the papers of my students and finish my free lance job assignment.

I have a lot of things to be thankful today. I had a bonding moment with my mother. I have a lot of job to do. This means I have opportunities to use and share my abilities. But my fervent and sincerest wish is good health. Give me a sound mind, happy heart and a healthy body. I want to accomplish my responsibilities and help those people who need me. Please Lord, please.