For the longest time, I wanted to buy my own pair of Toms' sneakers. In the Philippines, the cheapest pair of Toms costs Php 2,400 (around $ 60), which for a typical employee like me is pricey. I was saving some of my earnings from my free lance jobs to purchase one. But since I find it too expensive, I ended up buying these pairs of flats..

Grendha Flats

Kamiseta Marshmallow Flats

If you read my description and some of my posts, you know how much I adore flats. Believe it or not, I am perhaps the only member of the female populace who don't wear heels. Even on those formal occassions, I really insist on wearing my flats.

The silver gray flats is made of plastic and rubber. You read it right, they are plastic comfortable shoes from Grendha. The second pair is from Kamiseta, a local brand in the Philippines. Kamiseta specializes in female clothes, but they occassionally produce shoes. Aside from the comfort of wearing ballerina flats, I also love the free tin can. The shoes are not placed on those typical cardboard boxes. I can reuse this tin can to store my other valuables.

When I bought these two shoes, I thought I will already forget my dream of owning a pair of Toms. But I didn't get contented. I didn't get my own peace of mind. hehehe! As a result, I bought this yesterday

My Toms!

It took me by the way two malls to get this pair. I first went to Nothing But H2O in Trinoma but the sizes left are so big to fit me. Yesterday, Tinee, my bestest friend in the workplace, volunteered to join me in my great hunt for Toms. Finally! I found my pair at the Robinsons Galleria branch of Nothing but H20. Thank you Tinee!

My realization now, I find the Php 2,400 very pricey for a pair of Toms. But look what I have done. It costed me more to acquire the Toms. I ended up shopping and shopping. My advice to everyone, if you badly want a pair of shoes, go and get it! As much as possible, save up your money and don't look for substitutes. In the end, you'll end up to spending more than what you have expected. Lesson very well learned for me!

After splurging much on shoes, perhaps this is a consolation that I should be thankful

I hope Toms really fulfills its advocacy of giving a pair of new shoes to a child in need.