I am surrounded by beautiful women

My mother
Tinee and Tara
Annette and Marie
Anne, Anna and Me
Lea and Me
Me, Yana, Lola Florentina and Alexia
The Girl in Red Stripes: Gracie
From left Clockwise: Yana, Teli, Me and Alexia 
Me and Alexia
CBAA Sisters: Wella, Wilma and Me

My MBA Sisters: Lani, Me and Jo Ann
Ate Weng, Tinee, Me, Abigail and Clara

The women whom I don't have pictures with, allow me to mention your names
Ninang Isiang, Ma'am Eloi, Ate Amy, Susie, Ate Nesy, 

and those women whom I failed to mention, but  changed my life in one way another... 
Thank you for coming to my life!   

and of course how could I forget my 23 all female followers, allow me to mention your names

Cheryl Dolby of The Healing Woman 
 Comeca Jones of Shans Wife Meme 
Diane of My Art Journal
Karen Taylor of  Creative Learnings
Kim of My Domestic Bliss    
Melandria of Melandria Romero
Myster of A New Journey
Nicole of Beadwright
Purple Cat of Purple Cats Corner

Thank you for sharing your beautiful hearts with me!