My regular exploration of the blogosphere has brought me a lot of learnings and discoveries. In my constant blog hopping, I found bloggers hosting activities that required participants to write for a specific topic. Part of joining the activity is the opportunity to know other bloggers and develop connections with them. The One World One Heart (OWOH) 2011 of a Whimsical Bohemian was the first blogger event I joined. OWOH gathered thousands of bloggers and enabled each participant to make another blogger happy by hosting a give-away. Joining the OWOH was a decision I will never regret. The activity opened my blog to the other side of the world. It used to be that I am the only person reading my blog. The event changed my blog life because it lifted my zero blog visits and gained me new friends and followers.

After the OWOH, I became more inspired to join gatherings for bloggers. Among the many events in the blogosphere, I joined Dandelion Wishes' Happy List and Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop of Paisley Passions and Inspiring U to Save.

If I will host my own blog event, I will name it as Inspirational Mondays. I'm sure it doesn't sound original and there is a high possibility that another blogger is hosting a similar event. But since I am in the mood for writing and sharing, I am doing the cause for myself.

Starting today, I committ myself to blog anything that inspired me every Monday. It can be a song, video, book, article, letter, painting, a person or anything that have inspired me in any way. Why did I choose to pursue it on a Monday? Monday is the start of a new work week. Oftentimes, I find myself lazy and unmotivated to start the week. It's part of my weekend hang over I guess. When I write something inspirational every Monday, I hope this will help me begin my week feeling moved, motivated and inspired to face the next days to come.

For my first entry for Inspirtational Monday, I would like to share this video to everyone..

The video is one of the many commercials released by Pantene Shampoo. This commercial is particularly shown in Thailand. Please be patient with the time needed for the video to load.

I was moved and inspired!

The commercial may just be fiction but the message it relays to us is definitely not fiction.

Although to be honest with everyone, I found the story similar to the plot of typical soap opera in my country. The protagonist will be deprived to death by the antagonist in the first parts of the story. The ending will provide a redeeming moment for the protagonist. But regardless...I was inspired by the commercial.

Hindrances are not really hindrances. They serve as bridges to make us more strong and determined. In the end, the bitter hindrances will soon turn to the sweetest moment of success.  

I am doing Inspirational Monday for myself. But if you wish to join me, I will of course whole-heartedly welcome you. Your joining will give me another reason to become inspired and motivated! We can learn and be inspired at each others sharings.