I know not everyone will enjoy this post. Nevertheless, I am sharing my own shopaholic experience.

Last Friday, I went window shopping at the Gateway Branch of Mango. I tried some of their button down blouses but nothing fits my shape. (Pretending that my body has a shape) I find myself in between their medium and large sized blouses. Their medium size is too small, while the large sizes are lousy for me. Have you ever been placed in that situation too? I instead browsed their bag collections.  I have been eyeing one of their "satchel like" bags last month.
Photo from Mango's website
It costs Php 2,950 (around $74), cheaper than the red bag I bought from them last January. I am quite regretful for purchasing this red bag now. If I were to choose between the two, I'll go for the satchel.

I wanted to grab home the satchel. But I was contemplating on my expenses and payables over the next month. Since I do not have a part time job, I might end up getting in debt for purchasing the satchel. I walked away the shop with nothing.

During the weekends, I almost wanted to purchase my satchel. I badly want it. Saturday and Sunday passed, I opted to stay home. I wanted peace of mind. So Monday after work, I dropped by Mango to finally purchase my bag.

My Mango Satchel!
I was able to purchase the bag with a treat! Mango was hosting a Spring Sale starting Monday. I made the right decision of not purchasing the bag last Friday and during the weekends. Yehey! The price of my satchel was reduced 33% off of its original price. What a treat!!! If I bought the bag earlier, I might end up crying today for paying more. Hahahaha!

Lesson learned: Sometimes, it pays to wait. ;-)