I recently blogged about my two day spiritual break at Caleruega. The place is just so peaceful and relaxing.

Aside from savoring God's gift of nature, I also enjoyed the company of my few workplace friends and some of the activities we experienced. Please allow me to share to you some of them.

This film was shown to us in one of our sessions. Everyone almost went speechless after watching the film. Seflessness, giving up the only reason that makes you happy, in exchange for saving the lives of those strangers, is no doubt a supreme sacrifice. 

I am not a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman. But this song made me admire him. We all have our own perceptions of heaven. Little do we know,  heaven can be experienced on those little things on earth. They just wait for us to realize and appreciate them.

We also did this activity.

I hope you can see the green tangled yarn. I can't recall the exact name of this activity. For now, allow me to call it the Friendship Web. This exercise is perfect for retreats and even team-building activities.

So how does the Friendship Web works?

A group of around 10 members forms a circle and is given a ball of string. The activity starts when the ball of string is given by the facilitator to one member. The first member should tie the string to his index finger and pass it to another member. However, the passing of the string is accompanied by a task. Words of appreciation should be uttered to the member who receives string. The procedure is repeated until the entire ball of string is used up.

I love activities like this because it provides an opportunity for everyone to feel appreciated. It gives those rare chance of feeling great and special.

Speaking of great people around me, I would like to share some of my pictures with my few workplace friends. They are the few people who made my work life lighter and happier

I forgot to thank God for giving these people to me. I literally grew up from being an innocent fresh-college-graduate employee to a big and overweight girl in the workplace. :D

Wishing everyone a great day ahead! :)