I bought my own DVD copy of Dear John last month and it was only last night when I was able to finally watch it. I also bought a copy of the book last year, but I haven't finished reading it. That's how lazy I have become these days. I don't know what's wrong with me but I always feel sleepy and as soon as I hit the bed, zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Similar to my experience with My Sassy Girl, I have to make several attempts of watching the film. I always have to battle the urge to sleep.

My friend, Anne, told me that Dear John has a sad ending, typical and expected of Nicholas Sparks' works. In the book, Savannah and John did not end up with each other. With the movie? Let us just say that the ending was not consistent with the book.

The movie gave me tears, but not because of John and Savannah. It's the lone scene of John and his dying father that made me cry. Here is an edited clip of the scene

and the exact content of John's letter to his father

Dear Dad,
There’s something I wanna tell you. After I got shot, you wanna know the very first thing that entered my mind before I blacked out? Coins… I’m eight years old again on a tour to the US Mint. I’m listening to a guy explaining how coins are made. How they’re punched out of sheet metal. How they’re rimmed and beveled. How they are stamped and cleaned. And how each and every batch of coins are personally examined, just in case any had slipped through a slightest imperfection. That’s what popped into my head.

I was a coin in the United States Army. I was minted in the year 1980.  I’ve been punched from sheet metal. I’ve been stamped and cleaned. My ridges have been rimmed and beveled. But now I have two small holes in me. I’m no longer in perfect condition. So there’s something else I wanna tell you. Right before everything went black, you wanna know the very last thing that entered my mind? YOU.

The words used in the letter were so simple. But each word felt so pure and true. The letter was overflowing with love, that was supressed and never expressed for the longest time.

The reason why I became affected of this scene is because John and his father depict the kind of relationship I have with my own Dad. Like John, I don't express my gratitude and appreciation to my Dad. I once tried to be affectionate to my father. I prepared a birthday card and a thank you letter for him several times. But I always end up seeing those cards and letters in the trash bin. I was hurt at first. I cried and felt unloved. But over time, I learned to accept that God gave me a different father. I was given a father who do not seek for words of love and appreciation. I should rather be thankful because the father I have is contented with seeing me finish my studies and become a respectful, humble and decent person. Showing to him that I live a good life is more than enough to honor and appreciate all his hardships.

If my father happens to read this, you know how I feel. Just the thought of losing you already brings me tears. I love you and thank you for everything.