Do you recognize these flowers?

These are my favorite Cherry Blossoms. I love Cherry Blossoms but I never had the chance to see and feel them.  I obtained these pictures from the Internet, but not from Yahoo or Google images. These pictures were captured by my cousin who resides in the land of the rising sun, the country whom I believe would surpass everything; Japan.

My cousin who gave me the permission to post these pictures is my Ate (sister) May. (In the Philippines, we also call our elder females as sister or "Ate" as a way of showing respect.)  Ate May is one of my paternal cousins. We became cousins because our grandmothers (mothers of our fathers) are siblings. I have plenty of cousins from my paternal family. I consider it as a blessing but honestly, this situation sometimes brings disadvantages. I don't have the chance to personally know all of my cousins. My quiet personality even contributes to my failure to reach out to all of them. As a result, I know some of our relatives have misjudged me as weird, snobbish and "different." 

Ate May is one of my few relatives who have gained my respect and admiration. You see, I am a firm believer that respect is earned and not imposed. Otherwise, it isn't respect. I have high respect for Ate May because she persevered in life. She did not take advantage of anyone to reach her place. More importantly, I never heard her criticize other people's faults and misfortunes in life. Her silent personality can never be equated by a conceited, dominating and useless.. whatever ;-) 

A little confession to make, Ate May and I never had the chance to have those intimate talk or closeness before she left the country. But believe it or not, it only took an hour of Yahoo Messenger chat for me to realize that I have a friend, cousin and sister in her. Our chat came so perfect because for some reasons, I feel so sad and depressed at that time. Quarter life crisis perhaps. Thank you Ate May. You just don't know how much I needed that. You saved me. 

Ate May’s good heart and humility gave her the best life she deserves. Ate May is now a fulfilled wife and a mother to a charming little boy.

Meet God’s greatest and cutest gift to Ate May

Kenji at Play

Kenji Prays

Kenji on for Work (school)
Kenji and Mommy: Love, Love, Love!
Happiness is Priceless
Dear Ate May,

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest achievements a woman could ever have. God chose you to become the mother of Kenji because He knows you are perfect for him. I pray that God will keep your family safe and complete. May you have more wedding anniversaries and I wish that Kenji grows equally happy and fulfilled.  

Like the Cherry Blossoms, I know you will bloom and flourish as a mother, wife, daughter, and a woman for others. Enjoy motherhood and thank you for coming in my life.