I always look forward for the Holy Week because I can rest, recover sleeping hours, and spend more time with my family.

This was how I spent my Holy Week.

I got plenty of rest, sleep and I was able to do some of my favorite past times.
Yes, it's only now that I watched Con Air. And after watching it, I can say that the movie is already one of my few favorites.  I also finished watching Julie and Julia, a feel good movie about cooking and blogging! So to my blog friends who are into cooking, you might consider watching this film. Three more movies to watch and I'm done!

I keep on shopping for books but I haven't finished reading any of them. I get a bit impulsive especially when I go to thrift bookstores and booksales. 

I came from a family and a country where most are Catholics. Here is a Holy Week tradition I never fail to witness


This is the traditional procession of the life size images of the saints, who made a significant contribution in the life of Jesus Christ. The procession is conducted every Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  

The Easter procession however is different among the rest. We call the traditional Easter procession as "Salubong." The Filipino word "Salubong" literally means meeting someone who is about to arrive. During the Salubong, a reenactment of the first meeting of the Risen Christ and Mother Mary is undertaken on the pre-dawn of the Easter Sunday.  The carriages of the Mother Mary and the Risen Christ will come from different places and will meet at the Church's patio. Part of the Salubong rites will involve a female child who plays the role of an angel who will remove the veil of Mother Mary, before she faces his son, the Risen Christ.

I'm writing this post this Black Saturday. On my succeeding post, I will try to capture pictures of how the actual Salubong takes place. 

Hope everyone had a peaceful Holy week.