This is a follow up post from our recent trip at Puerto Galera. As promised, I will write about the all time favorite past time of the female populace, SHOPPING!

Aside from the beach and the night life, the White Beach of Puerto Galera is likewise known for the different souvenir shops. 

The most common souvenir you can take home from the Puerto Galera are these.

T-shirts cost around Php 90 to 100 (around $2.25)  for small to medium sizes. 

Sarongs are a common find too. This tube length fabric is very useful at the beach.  Sarong can be used as a body cover and serves as a beach mat too.  I bought my own sarong too for only Php 120 (around $3). It's cheaper than those sold in SM and other department stores in Manila.

My friend Wella browsing over the colorful pieces
Local slippers and sandals made from abaca.


And in case you forgot your swimsuits, a lot of shops are selling these..

Swimsuits are not that expensive too. You can purchase a piece for as low as Php 500 ($12). 

For those who love accessories, these pictures are for you.

Colorful yarn bracelets and anklets are the cheapest souvenirs you can purchase. Each yarn bracelet costs Php10 ($0.25).

Yarn Bracelets

Yarn Anklets costs Php 10 per bundle

Earrings and bracelets made of plastic, wood and shells.

Here's what I bought for myself.

 Some home decors you might like

Hanging Decors made of Sea Shells

Colorful bags, purses in different sizes

Abaca Handbags
These handbags are made from the fibers of Abaca plant. If I am not mistaken, only the Philippines and Ecuador have natural Abaca plants. These bags are handcrafted per piece. Each fiber of the abaca leaf are extracted, converted to threads and are weaved to form these bag pieces.

Mini Abaca bags
 Cute Abaca bags that can be used as coin purses.

Coin purses made of different materials

Refrigerator magnets designed from sea creatures

Purses for your mobile phones

Mobile Phone Purses
Knitted mobile phone cases made of colorful yarns.

Nope they are not your regular knapsacks. They are mini knapsacks made of canvas and can be used as a coin purse or a case for your small gadgets. 

My trip to Puerto Galera would not have been possible without the help of my two beautiful girlfriends.

Thank you my dear friends!