Day 1 of our Puerto Galera tour was mostly spent at Puerto Nirvana, the private resort that housed us for three days.

Day 2 marked the highlight of our vacation because we were able to tour the famous "White Beach" of Puerto Galera. The White Beach is the premiere tourist destination in Puerto Galera, obviously because of the fine and white sand. Aside from the beach, the bars, restaurants, parties and all those happenings are found at the White Beach.

The White Beach is no doubt a piece of heaven's nature on earth. But if I were to choose, the atmosphere at the White Beach is not my ideal vacation spot. Call me anti-social but vacation for me means serenity and enjoying quiet moments with my family, friends and all the special people in my life. This is the main reason why I am not a big fan of congested beaches. I am already exhausted with the noise and the population in the city. So if I were to splurge for a vacation, I wanted it to be housed in a quiet, relaxing and refreshing place.

But I wanted to be fair enough so I am also sharing beautiful pictures I have captured from the White Beach.

One of my colleagues told us that the number of people visiting the White Beach doubles during the Holy Week. 

The part of the White Beach that I loved the most... 

Wet underarms ahahaha

 And how could I not love this

Sunset marks the start of the real life at the White Beach

This is it for Day 2 at the White Beach. On my next entry, I will write and post pictures of what I have shopped at the White Beach. You read it right, the White Beach is a shopping destination too. 

PS  If you are following my blog, you might have read of my silent wish. Let us just say that my trip to Puerto Galera somehow shed a small light to the fulfillment of my silent wish. You see, I would hold on even to that the tiniest drop of light. I just hope that I have not misinterpreted the signs. Nevertheless, I am always willing to wait. For how long? Only God knows and only time could tell...