I have been invited to become a godparent to a number of kids. As of today, I have seven god children. A godparent is entrusted with the responsibility of becoming a second parent to a child. Supporting the parents in rearing the child is supposedly the real task of a godparent. Sadly, not all parents and godparents are able to imbibe this thought. Some people see baptism as an event to "show-off."The gifts, food and celebration sometimes overcome the real purpose of baptism. 

My Ninang (Filipino term for the female godparent) Isiang is one of the few people who understands and lives the real definition of baptism. More than the Christmas and birthday gifts, my Ninang Isiang served as my second mother and bestfriend. She was always present in the most trying moments of my life. She believed in my capability and she knows how to uplift the sad and weak person in me. 

Few weeks ago, my Ninang Isiang surprised me with an invitation. She wanted me to become a godparent of her first child. I was left with the question, why me? I even thought her email was a mistake. But after a series of emails, I finally believed that the invitation was for me.

The baptism rites was held at Sto. Nino de Praga Parish in Antipolo and a simple reception followed at their residence. 

Hannah Sofiel with her proud parents: Ninang Isiang and my Ninong Nelson
I was reunited with some friends / sisters at the reception.
From left: Ninang Isiang, Ate Eunice, Sir Sam, Ate Arlene and Me
The beautiful women are my sisters in our church. We were once active members of the Legion of Mary, a Catholic organization devoted to the Blessed Mother Mary. These women have witnessed me transform from a skinny high school student to an overweight employee. Hahaha! This is another reason why I love attending simple gatherings like this. I become reunited with people I haven't seen for ages.

It might take months before I could see Hannah Sofiel and my Ninang Isiang. Even though distance separate us, I know we are bonded with a special relationship. Thank you for everything Ninang Isiang and to Hannah Sofiel, I pray that you grow up healthy, happy and thankful for having the best parents in the world.