If you don't have the stomach for street foods then skip this post.

I was on leave from work last Friday. If you have been following my blog, I have already mentioned that I need to consume my vacation leave credits. In the Philippines or at least in my workplace, an employee earns 1.5 days of leave per month, once he reaches his permanent status. 

The traditional practice was companies pay the vacation leave credits in case the employee fails to consume it. The employee's leave credits are converted to cash based on his daily rate. But today, local companies have become wiser. Instead of paying the leave credits, employees are forced and scheduled to take off from work. 

I consumed one of my 25 days of leave credits last Friday. I spent my entire morning reading books. In the afternoon, I went out with my colleague and bestest friend, Tinee. Our destination: the University of the Philippines. We met at the university not for any academic related task but for the ultimate food trip.

I like to reiterate my warning, if you are not into street foods then don't anymore proceed.

If Thailand have this 
Photo from Luxury Thailand Travel
 then the Philippines' version of street food is this

The twisted orange in a stick is called "Isaw." Isaw is made from grilled chicken or pig intestines. The intestines are cleaned and boiled repeatedly, until it becomes finally edible. 

My mother never allowed me to eat any kind of street foods. Isaw was never a part of my childhood days. But when I finally hit the streets during college, I was able to have a taste of the famous Isaw and other street foods.  

A number of my blog followers are mothers and I'm sure this is not the post that would make you happy. You always want the best for your kids and street foods is definitely not one of them. I'm sorry if this post appeared disgusting for you. My intention is to share part myself, both my good and bad experiences in this personal blog. After all, I ain't perfect! I always try to make happy experiences to my perfectly imperfect life. :)