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It's Saturday and I am spending my quiet afternoon at home with my family. This weekend was way relaxed as compared to my last week's mall escapades.

I already planned to spend my weekend at home because I am expecting a blast from a Friday night reunion with my former colleagues. It was supposedly a reunion of six people, who once comprised the Research and Publications team of a school. Five of my six colleagues promised to join. Unfortunately, only the three of us came.
Ate Mitch, Tinee and Me
This wasn't our picture last night. This was taken in 2007, back when I was 110 lbs and my career was just starting. (Sigh) We had fun though two of our colleagues broke their promise. We made a lot of catching up stories and recalled our adventures and misadventures in the workplace. 

We failed to take pictures last night because we were so full of stories, food and drinks. This entry in my planner would perhaps forever remind me of how we squeezed in our last three years in one night.
I love reunions and I used to love organizing reunions. A recent experience however taught me to forget about organizing this type of gathering. But with Ate Mitch and Tinee, I know no effort is ever wasted. You two are the best. 

Back today, I woke up late and this was how I spent my quiet afternoon

Reading Madeleine Wickham's (Sophie Kinsella) Wedding Girl.
This is the first hardbound novel I have purchased.I love books and novels but I always prefer the cheap paperbacks. A recent sale from my favorite National Bookstore in Cubao gave me the chance to finally own a real hard bound novel.

While writing this post, I am also enjoying this bunch of sweetness
Double Expresso Cookies from Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

and this
Potato Marbles
I love French Fries and it used to be a regular weekend afternoon snack at home. I believe this is healthier than the frozen french fries in supermarkets.

My niece wanted to sleep over at home so this evening it will be the two of us in my room.

Girl bonding! 

Wishing everyone a great weekend! :)