Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This makes me a proud Filipino

I have to thank the Zapp family for recognizing the good heart of the Filipinos. We may not be the most industrialized country in the world, but our unique love and compassion will always differentiate us.

The Zapp family became known for traveling the world using their 83-year old vehicle. The Zapp family is comprised of the Argentinian couple, Herman and Candelaria and their children, Pampa, Pewe, Paloma and Wallaby.
Photo from Daily Mail UK
The entire family have crossed continents for the last 11 years and their only home is this 1928 vehicle. Believe it or not, the Argentinian couple and their four kids live in this vintage car. The car was so versatile because it serves as a bed and living room at the same time. Their car is being shipped as they move across countries. During their visits, they are adopted by kind families in their own homes.   

The Philippines is one of the countries they have recently visited. My gratitude to the Zapp family overflows because this article from the Daily Mail UK reported the couple's experience with a Filipino family. 

Herman and Candelaria related that a Filipino family gave up their lone bed and piece of meat for them. The kindness of the Filipino family did not end on that selfless act. They even apologized to Herman and Candelaria for not being able to provide that much during their stay.

The international media rarely recognize the hospitality and good heart of my countrymen. Most of the time, it's the negative news that brings the name of my country to the world. Some people don't even know that the Philippines exists.

One of my greatest wishes as a Filipino is for the world to recognize the good heart and kindness of the Filipinos. We may not be a wealthy country but anyone could always find a home in the Philippines.

Source of Information: Daily Mail UK     


  1. Proud to be who you are.Wonderful!

  2. What a touching, tender story. Thanks for sharing it with us, Diane. You should be Filipino and proud!!! :D

  3. You should be so proud Diane!! Great story :)

  4. I really enjoyed ur story and always relay them to my husband........I know first hand of the generosity of the filipino's. I have been warmly accepted into the family for 20 yrs now.....Diane u feel like family too....Musa ya ako dahill, kayo ang pamilico......please forgive my worse tagalog, lol.........Bonnie

  5. Wow! This is a heart-warming story! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

  6. Such a beautiful story! How wonderfully selfless that couple was...stories like this show such kind hearts and they have no idea that their story has made it all the way to the United States. :) I always love reading your blog Diane. I hope you have a great weekend.


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