I have to undertake one of the most major decisions in my life and I am not ready to relate everything at this point. Identifying and weighing the pros and cons are not my favorite things to do. I have weeks to finally render my decision and a lifetime to determine whether I made the right choice.

I wanted to temporarily escape from my complicated situation. As much as I wanted to just enjoy the night away, I have to face reality and discuss that part of my life. But at the end of the day, regardless of what decision I made,  I know I can count on them. With or without an achievement, they will forever remain my true friends.

To lighten up things, I went out with my colleague and friend, Abigail. I opened up my situation and discussed my sentiments over a sumptuous meal

 Mexican rice and chicken wings from Abigail

Mexican rice, taco and ground beef for me

The place
I think I haven't mentioned in any of my posts that I love Mexican dishes. Nachos, burritos, quesadilla, they are my comfort foods. I really try every Mexican restaurant here in the Philippines.

It's long weekend here in the Philippines because Monday was declared as a non-working holiday. Yahoo! I was able to went out with my friend Lani too.
This picture was taken a year ago, back when I was 15 lbs lighter. Seriously, I am out of shape today and I wanted at the very least shed off the 10 unnecessary lbs. 

We had dinner and strolled the mall until closing time, that's me and Lani always. We would disregard time and the pain of our legs and feet. Lani bought a new cardigan while I was contemplating on whether to buy the button down long sleeves blouse from Benetton. (Update: I was able to buy the blouse today. The beautiful blouse didn't make me sleep Lani hahahaha!)

Aside from purchasing a new top, I am getting addicted to these kind of bracelets.
Belt Bracelets
I got this from People are People and I'm planning to buy the other styles not tomorrow .... I have to wait for the next payday! (Life of a rank and file employee ;-)

We're still on vacay mode tomorrow so I might spend the night away reading books or watching a nice movie.

Have a great weekend everyone!