He was with me during my first tooth extraction. God knows how I was so afraid of Mr. Dentist. He never mentioned any comforting words, but his presence was enough to assure me that everything will be fine. 

He indulged me with my favorite foods. He would take home Pringles and my favorite Jollibee spaghetti whenever I want. 

Ever since I was studying, he would ensure that my school shoes are clean and well polished. He continues this practice until today. 

He never showed any form of disappointment when I was not performing well in school. He never blamed me for not doing well. When I started receiving good grades and recognition, he never said anything. I never heard any words of appreciation but something tells me that he was so proud of me.

He never told me that he was proud of me. But a lot of our relatives would tell me how he was so proud and happy with my accomplishments. 

He would wait for me every night. He never sleeps unless I am home. When I started to develop the habit of coming home late, he never reprimanded me and complained of sleeping too late. He patiently waited and ensured that I have dinner to eat. 

He struggled in financing my education. He never told me, but I can tell. He exhausted all means to ensure that I have allowance and money to support my studies. He wanted the best education for me.

How could I ever say thank you to the person who gave up his life and gave me my life. 

You are the greatest man I've ever met. 

Thank you Daddy.