Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm broke but I'm happy

This is a late post. I have been going out with some friends over the past Fridays to weekends. Malling, dinner and some shopping, I got so broke. ;-)  I almost wanted to pull payday! But as Alanis Morisette said, 

I'm broke but I'm happy. 
I'm poor but I'm kind. 
I'm short but I'm healthy yeah! 
I'm high but I'm grounded. 
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed. 
I'm lost but I'm hopeful
And when it all comes down to 
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
I've got one hand in my pocket 
And the other one is giving a high five

There are a lot of interpretations made for this song. But for me, its message is simple, we can all be happy even with the absence of material things. Our friends and family are the real determinants of our happiness.

Here are pictures of some of my friends and family members who never fail to make me happy. 
Abigail and Clara

Clara and the Shopaholic me!
 We all ordered the same meals from Burger King. (weight gain!)
Over the weekends, I went out with my family. Remember my niece in my previous post? We brought her to the mall as her birthday treat.
We bought her a toy and ate at her favorite KFC.
Nope, Alexia doesn't have a twin sister! ;-) It was just the mirror inside the fitting room.

My country was celebrating its independence day last Sunday too. Allow me to pay honor to my country by showcasing some of our locally made products.
Since the Philippines is an archipelago, surrounded by seas and oceans, pearls are one of the best products we are producing. We culture fresh sea water pearls to the priciest South Sea pearls.

My country is also producing fabrics made from Piña (pineapple) leaves. The fibers of the Piña leaves are carefully extracted and converted to threads. The threads are later on weaved to form these beautiful Pina clothes.

Some miniature items

The item in the left mimics the traditional Filipino ice cream cart. The cart circulates in the residential streets by a man we termed as the Mamang Sorbetero (literally translated as the ice cream man). I grew up in a place regularly routed by the Mamang Sorbetero. My cousins and I would patiently wait for Mamang Sorbetero every morning and enjoy the ice cream while watching local morning cartoons.

The other item depicts a Pedicab (a bike with a mounted sidecar that accommodates the passenger) is a common form of public transportation.

Tomorrow will be Friday and I still don't know if I will find myself going out with a friend. My wish is that I will be able to prevent myself shopping. Seriously!

It's 12:10 am here in the Philippines, I'm still awake and have to report for work tomorrow or I mean later. I accepted a freelance research job and I want to finish everything tonight. Hopefully, I'll earn enough money to fatten my savings account, treat my family to a fancy meal over the weekends and no more shopping please. ;-)  


  1. I'm broke too but happy! Have all I need my family, my friends, health, my freedom. Those necklaces and dresses are so pretty!

  2. The pearls are beautiful and Im glad you had a great shopping trip.

  3. I really liked seeing the products created in your country, especially the cultivated pearls. The dresses are so special. Glad you continue to share your life in the Philippines and it's very nice to see your family members as well.

  4. Since I gave birth to my daughter in 2009, I lost my desire to shop since I thought that everything I bought for me looks bad anyway. Now, I am recovering and have been on several shopping sprees :-/ (notice the lack of posts on my blog? that's because I've been buying and not making). So I'm broke too... and payday is still in a couple more weeks :-/

  5. I never knew that pineapple leaves could be used for making fabric. The clothes are beautiful and I love all those pearls. It was fun to see your mall and hear about your shopping experiences.
    I know, that salvage yard tour had some very odd displays. It was fun, but really, really different.

  6. You would love the book I just finished reading based on this post. :D

    You are an amazingly wise young lady, Diane!

    Ricki Jill

  7. I love seeing photos of your family! And Diane, I can NOT imagine seeing pearls hung like that for sale! How gorgeous they are! I am going back to look again! And those gowns are beautiful! WOW! ♥


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