I'm back in the city! After three days, the out-of-town work is over and I am back at home with my family. I know there are lot of beautiful places outside the city waiting to be discovered. But nothing still beats sleeping in my own room and spending quality time with the family. Dinner and watching TV with the entire family, priceless!

I hibernated at Club Balai Isabel with the members of the management committee of my workplace. It was the strategic planning activity and I was tagged by my boss to join the other bosses. I am not a "boss" in the company by the way. If you have read my profile, I am a rank and file employee so my job is to provide assistance in terms of logistics. So you see I am only a quiet fly in the midst of the elephants. ;-)

Planning is supposedly a brain exhausting organizational task. The participants, which include the management team, are tasked to establish the company's goals and later on develop specific strategies on how to achieve them. Hence, a fresh, relaxing and different environment that is contributive in bringing out ideas is encouraged in strategic planning activities. This is the main reason why we went to Club Balai Isabel. The lush surroundings and the calm atmosphere away from the city is expected to lessen the overwhelming workload.

Here are some pictures I've taken from Club Balai Isabel. I hope you will appreciate the place as much as I did.
Reception Area of Club Balai Isabel
I have noticed that entire place was carrying a Filipino theme. Wooden furniture, colorful lamps and even the different areas were named after Filipino heroes and places.

The porch of our conference hall provides us with this view and pathway. Do you notice the tree in the right side of the picture? I like the idea of the attaching a circular wood that can function as a table.

One of the villas here served as our home for three days. I love the architecture and the terrace that provided us with this view
I love the lush greeneries that Club Balai Isabel offers

 I wish to have my own weekend getaway place like this.

Club Balai Isabel has three swimming pools. This one is the grandest and my digital camera can't even fit a perfect shot of the pool.

In another angle,

The pool side during night time

Club Balai Isabel is a resort that was built along the shores of the tranquil Taal Lake.

A swimming pool near the lake was also constructed

And we spent our meals in this place while enjoying the view

Club Balai Isabel is also becoming famous as a venue for beach and outdoor weddings. But Catholics can also have their wedding solemnized at Club Balai Isabel. The resort recently constructed this small but elegant chapel.

I love the effect of the colored glasses in a rustic and shabby wooden door in the chapel
 And from the middle of the lake, this is Club Balai Isabel

It's Thursday night and one more day to go before the weekend.  In case we share the same situation; sleepy or just relaxing after an exhausting day, I hope my shots were able to refresh and rekindle your tired spirits.