Friday, July 8, 2011

Food for the Body and Soul

I realized that I'm just making my first post for the month of July. It's almost the middle of the month and I haven't blog anything yet. :-( Pardon the lack of update because I am back to teaching. Classes in the Philippines start in June and end in March. So while most of my blogfriends in the US are savoring their summer vacation, it's back to business here in the Philippines. I have been preoccupied with office work, teaching, and that one major decision I have been contemplating.

I wanted to give myself a break so yesterday, I visited a unique restaurant that is walking distance from my workplace. I tagged my colleague and friend, Abigail to break our monotonous schedule.

This is Ristorante delle Mitre
Ristorante delle Mitre
The Italian name literally translates to Restaurant of the Mitre. Mitre is the hat that bishops wear during liturgical celebrations. The restaurant was named as such because it is being owned and operated by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Though the restaurant belongs to the Roman Catholic group, the diners are not limited to Catholic devotees. After all the Holy Scripture tells us that everyone is welcomed in the house of the Lord.

The interiors of the restaurant is filled with memorabilia and other representations that relate to the Bishops and the Roman Catholic Church.
Different mitres are displayed inside the restaurant.

There's a typical Catholic altar.

The placemat they use shows pictures of past bishops in the Philippines.

And this is what I highly appreciated about the restaurant
They provide employment opportunities to our brothers and sisters who have hearing disabilities.

Here are more pictures

Can you see the lighted part of the ceiling? The bright area possesses this painting

And here's what I ordered

Rice and Calamares

Mango Crepe
For those who are curious with their menu
Ristorante delle Mitre Menu

and my favorite.. cakes and desserts
Although to be honest, I find their cakes too expensive at Php 128 to Php 148 per slice. The slices are also relatively smaller, as compared to other restaurants.
Let me leave you with a picture full of sweetness! ;-)

Have a great weekend to everyone!


  1. I'd have split that mango crepe with you if you'd have invited me...

  2. Everything is so beautiful even the menu!

  3. What a lovely restaurant....and so unique! I have missed hearing from you, but this time of year is usually so busy for us all.
    Ricki Jill

  4. You always give the best restaurant reviews. What a beautiful place and the food looks so tempting.
    Thanks so much for visiting with me...wish you could have been there too. It was a gorgeous day.

  5. Just found your blog and enjoyed scrolling through ... that mango crepe is calling to me!

  6. Hi Diane,

    that looks like a very neat and friendly place! I applaud the management for employing people with hearing disabilities.
    The mango crepe looks divine. I bet it tasted delicious :)
    Hope you're doing great!!!

  7. My goodness! This looks like a lovely restaurant! and wow, that's really neat how the Philippines start classes in June and end in March. I actually have a friend in the Philippines and I know he is in classes right now, but it didn't occur to me that that was unusual... I just thought it was summer classes. haha. :) How neat! I hope the year has gotten off to an amazing start for you! :D


  8. I seriously need to try a mango crepe! It looks so yummy. I love reading about all these differnt places you share with us!! :)

  9. My first time to see mango crepe. That must be so delicious! Thanks for coming at the CBPH :)

  10. What a beautiful menu with wonderful things to choose from! It looks like they have big portions, too! Enjoy your week my friend! ♥


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