Today is Friday, yipee! And what's the best day that comes with Friday... payday! How I wish everyday would be a payday Friday, I'm sure it would make everyone happy. More shopping, food and more sales for the stores. The happiness just spreads on a payday Friday. ;-)

This week has been exhausting because of the preliminary examination of my students. Though I'm given a week of rest from teaching, the paperwork doubles on examination weeks. I have to check 80+ examination papers and prepare a summary of my students' deficiencies. I do this additional task because I want to practice transparency in my classes. I open my class records to ensure that all their scores are encoded accurately. In addition, I also want to give my students an idea of how much effort they need to exert to pass my subject. So as you can see, the real job of a teacher doesn't only evolve on providing instruction. A lot of people don't realize that the job of a teacher extends to maintaining organized records, monitoring students' performance and later on motivating them to study harder. (Harder for the students and hardest for the teachers too.)

So much talk about my work, I hope I didn't bore all of you. ;-) I wanted to give myself a break so I engaged in my usual stress busting activity.. shopping! I promised myself not to shop until December.. but sorry I just can't. Perhaps if all shopping malls around me are tore down to pieces then I might stop. hahaha! This week I caused these damaging pieces of happiness to my wallet

My first ever Chuck Taylor!
I've been wanting to own an immortal Chuck Taylor. After sleepless nights, I finally have this classic piece. This will perfectly pair my jeans and button down blouses.

Bag from Heartstrings
I saw this bag from a fellow train passenger on the way home. It was love at first sight. ;-) I searched two shopping malls and I found this at my favorite, SM Marikina. I felt the bag was meant for me because it was on sale. Hurray! I got this for less than $9.  The bag is made of water repellant cloth, perfect for the current rainy reason.

I don't know what is happening to my hormones and brain cells who are responsible for my appetite. For this week, I got addicted to this

What's inside the box?

These are
Oh weight gain!

Have a sweet and relaxing weekend to everyone! :)