Last Sunday I have to force myself to work. It wasn't easy considering it was a weekend and my system is conditioned to rest. But for the longest time, I have to finish a much needed research paper by Friday. And as of today, I still can't say mission accomplished :-(

I usually spend my Sundays at home with my parents. Waking up late, sumptuous lunch, sleepy afternoon, a nice movie and dinner together, that's how I quietly spend Sundays. You may find it boring but I appreciate the silent atmosphere at home because it gives me a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Several years ago, a public school was constructed at the back of our home. I have nothing against the school. We in fact appreciated school among other businesses because it has after all good intentions. What we fail to realize is that the presence of the school will figuratively and literally take away our quiet Sunday afternoons.

Every Sunday, a group of choir is regularly practicing in one of the classrooms. I'm not criticizing their voices but to hear them repeatedly singing the same songs and vocalizing exercises somehow exhausts our hears.We never complained though. My family instead conditioned ourselves that we'll get used to everything.

But last Sunday, I can't anymore handle things. Though it was music that I hear, I get distracted and unfocussed on my work. I don't want to waste another Sunday so I decided to find a better place. I packed my netbook and with a struggling wallet, I went to the lone Starbucks in my hometown.

I ordered my favorite Frappucino, glazed doughnut and Kettle Chips. For Php 285 (around $7), I was hoping to regain my concentration to write. Before I started using my netbook, I was surprised when the security guard approached me. He courteously offered to attach a cable lock to my netbook.

Photo from Paolo Lorenzana
My netbook became secured. I can leave my table without worrying for my valuable machine. If the management of Starbucks is reading this, I would like to say that your supplementary service is highly appreciated. I love companies who are customer responsive. Companies who combine product development and customer welfare are seldom these days. Thank you Starbucks. And to the security guard who offered this assistance, thank you for being so customer attentive and responsive.

Small and simple service like this brings me happiness.

In another topic, I recently discovered this novel, admirable and lovable blog.

The idea of Toy Society is to gather toy makers from different countries. The members are encouraged to make toys and distribute them to total strangers. According to the site, the endeavor was started by a local crafter named, Bianca from Australia in June 2008.

The blog advocates the practice of "toy drop." After making a toy, members are encouraged to drop or leave them in places where strangers, possibly children, could have them.

Though I am not a skilled toy maker, I love the idea of The Toy Society. It's making someone you never know happy. It also fosters generosity and appreciation over simple things and I believe that we need something like this today. We should be reminded that at the end of day, life is simple and simple things are more than enough to make us happy.