It's been two months since my classes started and I must say I'm still adjusting to my new schedule. I used to teach after my 8am to 5pm office work. But for this semester, I am given early morning classes. My classes start at 7am from Monday to Thursday. After class, my day in the office starts at 8:30 am. I wake up at 4:30 am and devote more than an hour for travel. Over the past weeks, every work day has been so tiring. Aside from the work, a lot of things about my life and career has been bothering me. I hope and pray that in God's time, everything will turn out well. 

Call me selfish and lazy but I really look forward to every weekend. Weekend for me means rest, longer hours of sleep and temporarily forgetting all those worries and concerns at work. This makes me remember how I disliked weekends back when I was still a student. I was bored being confined in our quiet home. Ironically, when I started working I would always long for the weekends and all I just wanted was a quiet home to rest.

Aside from staying home, I once in a while enjoy going out with my close friends and family. Malling and dinners with them are simply the best. This weekend I managed to go out with my family. We attended the 60th birthday of my father's cousin, which was housed in a beautiful garden.

World of Butterflies
The name of the garden is World of Butterflies. The place used to be a butterfly garden but after some time, they converted the place to a venue for birthdays, weddings and other events.

The cemented floors of the garden was engraved with this

The celebration started as soon as the sun was out and this somehow brought disadvantage for my pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures from the event

My relatives
The fountain area
Not something breathtaking but my niece, Alexia enjoyed this
 with my cousin, Dimple

and me? I am the official family photographer ;-)

I hope you all had a great weekend!