Monday, August 15, 2011

I love libraries

They are pictures of the interiors of modern libraries. I have already written a long post about modern libraries some months ago. In fact that post happens to be one of my most read. Hence, I believe the pictures are worth sharing again.

Some people are claiming that libraries are becoming obsolete and they will soon die because of the rise of the digital age. In my own opinion though, I believe that the libraries will continue to live as long as there are people who are interested to read, learn and enrich themselves in the universe of unlimited information it provides.

I'm joining Mary's Little Red House Mosaic Monday

Photos are not owned by the author. Sources of the photos can be accessed in this post.


  1. Wonderful mosaic showing all the different libraries. I believe people will always be into reading books even in this digital age.

  2. I love libraries too! I like the smell of books. I particularly like old libraries with wooden tables and book cases. I could spend many hours reading in there...

  3. Hi Diane,
    I love the mosiacs of the libraries. I know that I do not take time to go to them like I should. It would be a shame if they became obsolete! I have a family of readers. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Also, thanks for following me. I am now following you.

  4. Oh I would hate it if they closed our library. We go about once a week. My older kids come too. My 13 yr old read several books a week. I love the smell of the library. Strange I know. Just something about all those old books.

  5. I hate libraries here in the Philippines. I had my best library experiences in London when we lived there, for awhile. One was walking distance from my house and I would borrow book after book, it was just amazing! If they had great libraries here, I wouldn't download ebooks anymore!

  6. I love your pictures compilation of the libraries. You just reminded me that it's been a while I've been to one. haha!

  7. I love libraries too! Every move we've made during our married life, one of the first things I would do is go get my library card! You've made a lovely mosaic of the libraries!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Hi Diane, im always so happy when u drop in. ...I love this post. I dont we have to worry about the disappearance of the library in our life time...LOL, The numbers may shrink some with all the I-pad thingies, nooks, and so forth. This may sound weird ,but i used to work for a printer, i simply love the smell of a book! Actually turing pages, and feeling them, hearing the rattle of the page, even a sound a book makes when ur done reading and u close it....I love to read for pleasure in my quiet time, so im always looking for cute and different bookmarks. I have a big pet peave about folding down the page corner. It leaves a crease, lol. U cant get any of that with any electronic device. Call me OLD, LOL........Always good to "see" u Diane.....................ur blog friend Bonnie

  9. This makes such a nice mosaic! And you know I love libraries as much as you do! Enjoy your week, my friend! You've written some really good posts lately! I've enjoyed them all! ♥


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