I realized that I should do this more often.

Yesterday was a day with Nanay. (Nanay is the Filipino term for mother.) We wanted to watch Eugene Domingo's indie film. But to our surprise, the movie wasn't anymore showing in our favorite malls. :-( We instead went to SM Marikina and spent the afternoon together.

After a tiring walk, I treated Nanay to Burgoo. It was her first time to try the restaurant.

Food at Burgoo is quite pricey but they compensate in the amount of servings and extensive food selections.

Aside from great good, their SM Marikina branch is my favorite because of the creative and modern interior design. The red and orange colors of the furniture make the place so alive and attractive. The wooden floor also balances the atmosphere by giving it a homey and classic look.

I was fascinated by the series of light bulbs in the ceiling of the entrance area

Nice, but I think this consumes too much electricity. ;-)

In the Philippines, Burgoo is known for the paper linens and crayons provided in each table. Guests can doodle and entertain themselves while waiting for their orders. As evidence to this practice, I believe the management compiled the art works of some hungry kids waiting for their food ;-)

Before I call it a day, I finally had the chance to see my nephew from my cousin.

Remember this kid?

I wrote about him in this post. I finally saw the kid in person yesterday.

Kenji has already returned to Japan and it would take months before I will see him again. I'm looking forward to see you in December baby boy. Be a good one ;-) And I hope on that month, I have accomplished something I will never regret.

As I am writing this post, it's a Sunday and in a few more hours it would be Monday. I still have a lot of things to do. The research paper that would determine my fate on the next months is due on September. When will I able to finish my paper?