Sunday, August 21, 2011

A weekday feast

I live in a country where most people are Catholics. The Spanish colonization in the Philippines that lasted for hundreds of years is highly responsible for making most Filipinos as Catholics. Much of the beliefs, principles and way of life of Filipinos were highly influenced by the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Though hundreds of years have passed, the Catholic way of life is still evident among Filipinos. A lot of the places in the Philippines have been named after saints. The usual practice was a town or a city will be named after the name of the saint whose feast day coincides with the place's inauguration date. Aside from saints, some towns in the Philippines were named after places in Spain. So if by chance some of my dear followers visit the Philippines, expect that most places are bearing Spanish names.

Aside from names, feasts and celebrations are another tradition we inherited from the Spaniards. Each town in the Philippines has its own fiesta or feast day. Towns that were named after a saint have their fiesta during their saint's feast day.  During the fiesta, the local government spearheads themed parades, programs and each house has overflowing food. It's like Christmas for a day in a specific town. Today, fiestas are seldom observed in the city. Fiestas are more evident in provinces and suburban areas such as in Marikina, my hometown.

Last Tuesday, Anna invited me to their family's house because it's their town's feast day. Though I am deprived of sleep and tired of checking papers, I dropped by Anna's place to join the celebration. A typical home celebrating the fiesta has this


I failed to make a close up shot to each food because I was starving when I arrived at Anna's place. :) My mind tells me one thing,  EAT NOW!

We Filipinos are used to heavy meals. Our staple food is rice paired with a viand made of pork, chicken or vegetable. Most Filipinos can't say that a meal is full unless it has rice. Some can't even last a day without any rice intake. Aside from rice, there should be dessert during fiestas. And dessert should be something that is cooked or baked.

When all the food is there, what comes next?

Friends and stories!

Anna's house is so modern and elegant. Their house was renovated two years ago and I just love its architecture and interiors.   I wanted to take pictures of their place but they have a lot of guests. By the time their house is free, I was all tired and sleepy. ;-)

Today is Sunday and as I am writing this post, I still have a lot of things to do. Check papers, record the scores of my students and that one big research that will determine my fate. I hope everyone has a more relaxed Sunday. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. Hi Diane,

    looks like you had a fun time! Your friend did a great job cooking all that food!
    Happy Sunday to you--hope you get some rest!

  2. Looks like you had a great time although you were weary. Have a great weekend and stay dry...

  3. How interesting. The food looks great, and I love rice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. All that food is really making me hungry! Sounds like such a great all look so festive. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you with your research project:-)

  5. What fun to be with friends having fun and eating a great combination.~You look happy!

  6. Hi Diane! OH, that's very interesting about the names of your towns and the festivals. Looks like a fun time with yummy looking food and friends.
    Oh, I'd love to see some of your crochet! I crochet with string too! Glad you liked my little chickens.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. What a beautiful home and the food looks amazing! Love seeing you with your family and friends! Beautiful smiles on happy faces! Enjoy your week ahead! ♥

  8. Ps we will still be in North Carolina for a few more weeks! We're not going anywhere yet...just dreaming! ♥

  9. Diane,
    The Fiesta looks wonderful! Glad you were able to join in. Now after the Fiesta, the hard working teacher needs a little Siesta. Hope you get rested up soon. Our next door neighbors moved to the Phillipines a year ago. They recently came home for a visit. It was fun to see them again. They were telling us a little about your culture. Fun experience!

  10. Hi Dianne! I'm probably one of the very few Filipinos who can survive without rice for a day :) My husband is one who can't. Let's see how our daughter turns out :)

  11. Diane, my friend! I am back from break, and I wanted to see what you're up to. the food, company, and surroundings are divine. It looks like y'all had too much fun! Y'all are so cute!

    Ricki Jill

  12. Hi Diane! Mmm, that food is making my mouth water. Yes, I am originally from the Philippines and would love to get to know you...Christine


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