As I am writing this post, my legs are exhausted and my body is calling me to finally zzzzzzzzzz. Saturday was filled with accomplishment and happiness. I woke up at 5 am to start my regular fitness activity. No matter what it takes, I promised my screaming bulging belly to shed off those extra lbs. It's time to pay for all those meal and Coke upsizes.

I jogged for more than an hour in this place
Though I was near SM Marikina, no shopping attempt was made. ;-) I jogged and enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere with some greenery left in the city.

After a perspiring walk, I went home to prepare for a meet up with my girlfriends.
Anne, Anna and May Ann
They are my super girlfriends. I've known Anne ever since I was 14 years old. We had common friends in High School and we went in the same university for college. I've known Anna and May Ann for 18 years. We were classmates in grade four and our senior year in High School. Notice the rhyme in our names? Anne, Anna, May Ann and Diane... God perhaps knew that we will eventually become friends in the future so He made our parents chose our rhyming names.

The main reason of our meet up is because someone's celebrating her birthday! Can anyone guess who among us is celebrating her special day? The girl in blooming pink turned YOUNGER! ;-) Happy Birthday Anna!

Anna wanted to see Binondo on her birthday so the loyal friend in me said, your wish is my command beautiful! I gave my friends a mini tour in Manila. Our first stop was the historic Intramuros in Manila. Anna wanted to start the day with a prayer so I brought her to the Manila Cathedral.

I would like to believe I fulfilled Anna's wish of eating at Binondo.
The Binondo Arc
Binondo is the Philippines' main China town. Binondo is believed to be the oldest China town in the world. It was established in 1594, when the Philippine was still a colony of Spain. The Spanish government allowed Chinese businessmen who have inhabited our country to stay in this place. Soon, the accumulation of Chinese entrepreneurs have developed the place to be a center of trade, commerce and the best Chinese foods in the Philippines.

Anna was dying to eat in this restaurant
Sincerity Restaurant

Inside the restaurant

 And what we had after a long walk
The best and unhealthiest thirst killer

Sincerity Chicken

Kiampong Rice

So after eating all these calories, we need to burn them so off for the ultimate walkaton

And before Anne and I parted, we indulged ourselves with this

Thank you Anna. But I think I need to devote more time for jogging tomorrow. Wishing everyone a great weekend.