Me! Me! Me!

My followers who were reading my recent posts are more or less aware of my painful misfortune. Over the past days, I keep convincing myself that life should go on. But deep inside, I am unwell and letting go is still far from reality. Though as of today, I'm still exhausting other possible means to fulfill that dream. Hey, Diane here is a tough one. You can defeat me, but never the easy way. (Award! Hahahaha)

But what made me lucky despite all these negativities? I am more than lucky because I WON TWO PRICES from two blog giveaways! Two prizes in one day, hooray!!!

I initially wanted to blog my prizes after they have landed in my hands. But I am so happy and excited about them. Pardon the bragging rights, but I am the proud winner of

A digital scrapbook software
The contest was sponsored by a fellow Filipina blogger, Janelle of Of Pinks and Fairy Tales.

 A Personalized Wall Hanger
I won this from Ginger's Snap Crafts.

I never imagined that I will win these two fabulous prizes in one day. The morning I read Ginger's comment in my blog, I was already happy. In the middle of a busy afternoon at work, I checked my blog updates and found myself in Janelle's blog. This is a heaven of happiness.

God perhaps wanted to cheer me up so He made me so lucky yesterday. Thank you to my angels, Janelle and Ginger. This is priceless happiness.