Warning: nasty picture and story ahead

A mall wide sale that lasts until 12 midnight on a payday Friday, what more can shopaholics ask for? After work, I rushed to the mall and searched for a nice discounted top. I went to one of my favorite shops and tried a blouse. Size medium didn't fit. As I take off the blouse, I was surprised with a depressing reality. My back is beginning to develop nasty flabs.

I walked out of the shop sad and regretful. Why did I allow this to happen? I weighed 120 lbs two years ago. Now, I am screaming 140 lbs at 5'4." I felt ashamed of myself.

The solutions are obviously diet, exercise and commanding DISCIPLINE! How I wish these three magic words are easy to execute, in the same way as I type them. I've been jogging every weekend morning for almost a month and trying to avoid Coke and cakes. What I benefited so far are aching legs and thighs. So far, no inch of weight loss observed and felt.

Just to prove how much I abused my body in two years, take a look at this piece of history 

Look at my picture in the middle, cringe!