Ever since I became employed with a Catholic education institution, attending the Our Lady of La Naval procession was an annual activity we have to attend. Further details about the history of the Our Lady of Naval can be found in this site.

The La Naval procession is held during the second Sunday of October. Along with June to September, October forms the notorious typhoon months in the Philippines. My past La Naval processions are miraculously blessed with a good weather. However last Sunday's procession was different. We were tested with this
It was raining profusely before the procession started. All of us were wondering whether the procession will continue. But when the image of the Our Lady of La Naval was moved out of the St. Domingo Church, the rainy suddenly subsided. I believe the power of the devotees' prayers and faith worked.

I joined the procession, with Tinee and Tara, and before we parted ways we had dinner to a restaurant I haven't tried.
Welcome to Chicken Charlie!

and look what we had for dinner

Chicken Charlie is one of the best restaurants in the heart of Banawe, Quezon City. Not all Filipinos may realize that Banawe is known for two reasons. It serves as a central market for cheap car accessories and spare parts and a haven for the best foods in town. Car accessories and food? Not really a perfect match but Banawe have proven that it is possible.

One of the best chickens I have tasted in my entire life would be from Chicken Charlie. The restaurant claims that they have a unique approach in frying their chickens. This approach and secret spices make their chicken crispy, but not greasy, and flavors are bursting as you savor each piece.

Taste is exceptional for Charlie's Chicken. But in terms of price, I could say that Charlie's Chicken will not cause a big damage to your pockets. Prices are affordable.

Great food at great prices, what more can you ask for!
For the benefit of my international readers, a US dollar equates to around Php 45. A budget of Php 500 or $11 will already go a long way for four people.

Wishing everyone a great week!