Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 more things about me

Got no topic to write so I resort to my last option, blog about myself. Although I have devoted an entire page that relates things about myself, such is not complete. As I turn older younger, I know there will be changes, hopefully more improvements about myself.

Allow me to share 10 weird things about myself that I bet most of you are not aware of

1. I don't drink coffee - But I drink a lot of Coke so my body is not free from caffeine ;-) I believe I have more. Everyone in the house, workplace and my group of friends drink coffee. I never learned to love coffee and all those "awakening" hot drinks. While most of my colleagues would purchase a cup of coffee to keep them awake, I'd rather go to 7-11 and have my can of Coke.

2. Jet Li is my greatest crush - Yeah, he isn't handsome. He is short and his rough face isn't worthy of a facial wash endorsement. He got all those craters of pimple marks but I still loooove him. I always watch his movies (though I admit some of them are just so crappy) and collect both VCDs and DVDs of them. (So to my close friends, you know what to give me this Christmas ;-)

3. I am very kid at heart - I love stuff for kids.

4. I hoard collect cute and elegant  notebooks -  My trip to every mall would always make me purchase a nice notebook.

5. I can't play any musical instrument -and this is one of my greatest frustrations. I had no extra curricular activities during my schooling years. My life was all about studying, home and rare malling with my friends. If given the chance now, I would love to learn to play a violin.

6. I never learned to bike - I never owned a bike in the first place. I was contented in borrowing the kiddie bikes (those with training wheels) of my cousins.

7. When I was a kid, I never liked chocolates - For reasons I don't know until today.

8.  I cursed my Accountancy and Law subjects  - I struggled in Algebra and Geometry back in High School but I learned to handle them with the help of my greatest Math tutor, Teacher Elvie. I owe a lot to her because she removed my fear in Math subjects. She was also the first person to tell me that she enjoyed teaching me. According to her, I learn fast. When I had Accountancy and Law subjects, I swear that was the darkest moments of my college life. I also cursed my Statistics subjects but I have learned to love it when I started working. I needed it in my researches and gave me a lot of freelance works.

9. I am obsessed with color blue - Before I started working, I was blue. All of my things are in color blue. Blue bag, blue shoes and blue clothes!

10. I love potatoes - I can last a week with potato dishes. (I think this is a good diet idea.) From greasy french fries, hash brown to baked potatoes, I love them. Potatoes are like my chocolates.

It's a Saturday weekend and I originally planned to jog in the morning. But the weather is not just cooperating with my weight reduction attempts. I watched TV the entire day, slept and sure I am 2 lbs heavier and unhealthier again by the end of the month. Unhealthier? Did I just say that my lower right abdomen is hurting. I hope this is not something serious. Hope this was just caused by lying in bed the entire day. LOL but deep inside worried.

Have a great and healthy weekend to everyone. 


  1. I hope the weather improves so that you can get out and do something. I didn't exercise much this week so I am anxious to go for a walk but it is raining a little here! I love getting to know you better! And I see we BOTH love journals! You have a beautiful collection! I write in a journal every day of my life...and have for most of my life! I love journals...and BOOKS...and kid stuff! And I'll have some of the potatoes you like, too! Sending you some warm happy hugs today! Your name mate! ♥♥♥

  2. It's always interesting to hear more about you and getting to know you better. I think you are a very remarkable young woman. But.....please do get that pain checked out, okay?
    :) CAS

  3. i dont know what i would do without coffee!
    :) but i like my glass of diet coke too

    i have spongebob boxers haha i love
    to sleep with white t and men boxers :P

    i dont know how to ride a bike either
    haha i never learned when i was little
    and now i am a lil scared

    have a lovely saturday!


  4. It's very cool to get to know little details of you. I'm still a kid at heart too, I genuinely <3 all the kiddie things. Oh! and don't blame the weather... ;)

  5. Hi Diane,

    I sure didn't know those things about you! Thanks for sharing :)
    I love notebooks too...anything stationery-related (as you know from my post) and kids stuff. My personal favourite: Hello Kitty!
    Oh, and Diane? If you're experiencing stomach pains you'd better have it checked. Not trying to scare you -- but just have it checked for your own reassurance.
    take care...

  6. Thanks for sharing about YOU! And I love little notebooks! I love to get them out and re-read all the notes I've recorded in them over the years!

  7. Hi Diane, Loved learning more about you. The bit of humor was so fun! I too don't drink coffee, but gotta have my Coke. Only, mine is Diet Coke. Is is for the calories? Heck no, I drink a DC and eat a candy bar. lol! Regular tastes too sweet to me. I've been going to ask you. What grade do you teach? My next door neighbors moved to the Phillipines a year ago. They had a girl that would be in the 6th grade. Fat chance that you would be her teacher, but one never knows. Thanks for sharing, and I hope your pain goes away. Have had a bit of stomach flu myself today.

  8. I can't resist notebooks too! But now I make my own journals. Nice to see you have a papemelroti one :^) designed by my sister peggy.
    I also love potato dishes! My favorite is the one with olive oil, but I don't think I've met a potato dish I didn't like! Patsy from

  9. I didn't drink coffee before. When I was studying in College, I tried coffee to keep myself awake, but it didn't work for me either. Instead, I chug a whole bottle of 1.5L coke and that kept going until 5am, memorizing muscles and bones.

    After college, though, I developed my love for coffee but I prefer iced coffee instead. I still have hot coffee, but rather seldom.

    Anyway, I cannot believe that you never learned how to ride a bike. I had a friend who did not know how and we spent a whole week with her, just so she would learn. This means that if you were my friend, you would definitely learn --- so cmon, it's not too late!

  10. Do you write in the notebooks? Those are cute! I love coffee. I love it enough that even though I'm cutting out caffeine I'm switching to decaf. I can't cut out my coffee completely!

  11. It's the other way around for me when it comes to Coke and coffee. I actually drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day (it's bad, I know), but I can't usually finish a glass of Coke. I also just learned how to ride a bike a couple of years ago so it's not too late to learn. :) Happy weekend!

  12. Dianne, I don't think greasy french fries will be very good for your diet, haha. Pero pareho sayo Coke addict. Free ang Coke dito sa office... kaya ang hirap humanap ng ibang trabaho that can match this benefit ;)


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