Got no topic to write so I resort to my last option, blog about myself. Although I have devoted an entire page that relates things about myself, such is not complete. As I turn older younger, I know there will be changes, hopefully more improvements about myself.

Allow me to share 10 weird things about myself that I bet most of you are not aware of

1. I don't drink coffee - But I drink a lot of Coke so my body is not free from caffeine ;-) I believe I have more. Everyone in the house, workplace and my group of friends drink coffee. I never learned to love coffee and all those "awakening" hot drinks. While most of my colleagues would purchase a cup of coffee to keep them awake, I'd rather go to 7-11 and have my can of Coke.

2. Jet Li is my greatest crush - Yeah, he isn't handsome. He is short and his rough face isn't worthy of a facial wash endorsement. He got all those craters of pimple marks but I still loooove him. I always watch his movies (though I admit some of them are just so crappy) and collect both VCDs and DVDs of them. (So to my close friends, you know what to give me this Christmas ;-)

3. I am very kid at heart - I love stuff for kids.

4. I hoard collect cute and elegant  notebooks -  My trip to every mall would always make me purchase a nice notebook.

5. I can't play any musical instrument -and this is one of my greatest frustrations. I had no extra curricular activities during my schooling years. My life was all about studying, home and rare malling with my friends. If given the chance now, I would love to learn to play a violin.

6. I never learned to bike - I never owned a bike in the first place. I was contented in borrowing the kiddie bikes (those with training wheels) of my cousins.

7. When I was a kid, I never liked chocolates - For reasons I don't know until today.

8.  I cursed my Accountancy and Law subjects  - I struggled in Algebra and Geometry back in High School but I learned to handle them with the help of my greatest Math tutor, Teacher Elvie. I owe a lot to her because she removed my fear in Math subjects. She was also the first person to tell me that she enjoyed teaching me. According to her, I learn fast. When I had Accountancy and Law subjects, I swear that was the darkest moments of my college life. I also cursed my Statistics subjects but I have learned to love it when I started working. I needed it in my researches and gave me a lot of freelance works.

9. I am obsessed with color blue - Before I started working, I was blue. All of my things are in color blue. Blue bag, blue shoes and blue clothes!

10. I love potatoes - I can last a week with potato dishes. (I think this is a good diet idea.) From greasy french fries, hash brown to baked potatoes, I love them. Potatoes are like my chocolates.

It's a Saturday weekend and I originally planned to jog in the morning. But the weather is not just cooperating with my weight reduction attempts. I watched TV the entire day, slept and sure I am 2 lbs heavier and unhealthier again by the end of the month. Unhealthier? Did I just say that my lower right abdomen is hurting. I hope this is not something serious. Hope this was just caused by lying in bed the entire day. LOL but deep inside worried.

Have a great and healthy weekend to everyone.