After almost a week, your negligent blogger is back! Sorry for not updating, the week has just been so busy with these at work

that extends at home

I love teaching, but.. fine, hands up! I admit  to have a love hate relationship with this job. As much as I love the prestige and honor of the job, I hate the accompanying tasks it bring. I don't really enjoy checking papers, encoding scores, submitting grades and all those tedious paper works.

My students are done with my examinations and I am in the process of reviewing and encoding their grades. In the middle of the busy work week, I learned from Twitter that last Wednesday was World's Teachers Day.  If such was the case then we should have been treated for a break from work ;-) But we got a deadline to beat, we need to complete the grades and post them online. Definitely no time to relax and pamper ourselves.

It has been my practice to post in my other blog the examination scores of my students. Together with their student numbers, I post their final examination scores so that they gauge their class standing. I am also an avid supporter of effort recognition so that blog serves as a means to acknowledge my hardworking students.

Before I left for work last Wednesday I received this email

I would have been the happiest if the "haha" did not become a part of the email ;-)
Whether that words of gratitude were meant or meant as a joke, it made me happy. And my reply to her email, "Thank God this semester was over. hahahaha" Just kidding ;-)