I've been suffering from colds for almost a week. This weekend I woke up with a slight fever again. The rain and infectious colds have prevented me to accomplish a lot of things. I can't meet Anna and Anne, can't attend to my errands and more importantly, I can't fulfill my regular weekend jogging. I stayed home the entire day and lounged in bed for a movie marathon. One of the movies I've watched was the movie adaptation of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper.

It was a sad movie that dealt with a family’s journey about cancer and death. I won’t relate much of the film but the entire story circulated on the pain and agony of having a family member stricken with cancer. The film was able to give life to the novel. But as always, there were inconsistencies with some of the details in the novel. In particular, the movie diverted much from the story's original ending .

Death is a topic I am not comfortable to discuss. As much as possible, I avoid engaging in conversations about this harsh and sad reality of life.  I know we will all end there. It’s just the matter of time that becomes the issue.

Later that evening, I found a video that gave me a better view of death

Before and more than death, I should remember that I have a LIFE...