Our school failed to make it to the basketball finals of the Philippines' National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). :-( If you have read my previous post, you know how much I was a big basketball fan in my younger years. Though I failed to watch our basketball games over the past years, my interest and support to our team never ceased. Next year, our school will be the host of the league's 88th season. And though I don't have any Chinese blood, I believe in the luck that number 8 brings. For the Chinese, the number 8 symbolizes a never ending loop of luck. I hope that luck will be with us next school year.

After the heart breaking loss, Tara and Tinee invited me for dinner at Greenhills. As always, food never fails to make me happy. So I shouldn't be wondering why I am gaining lbs all this time. It was my first time to try Army Navy. These made my dinner

The burger is good but I appreciated more their unique spicy french fries and special iced tea.
Another shot for the lethal weight gain combo!

After our heavy dinner, we had milk tea at Happy Lemon
Wink! I love the cute packaging.

Thank you Tinee and Tara for giving me two in a row first time experiences. And starting this day, I would live on that words of wisdom you both gave me. We only live once so I might as well savor and enjoy all the delicious things that this world can offer...literally and figuratively (ending this post with a naughty smile!)

Have a great week to everyone!