The task of today's challenge is to communicate to a long lost friend. The first person that entered my mind for this task was Lea, one of the few best persons I met in my college years.

Lea used to be my morning chat buddy. Since our homes require two to three hours of commuting, we often overestimate traffic and travel time. The two of us always end up arriving an hour before our first subject. While my friends were not yet around, I end up sharing stories about TV shows, cute actors and sometimes people we both hate.

When I had a conflict with my circle of friends, Lea and her own group whole heartedly adopted me. They became my new lunch and study buddies. If Lea was not around, my college days would turn out to be so lonesome.

My fondest memory with Lea was when we were organizing a seminar about solid waste management in their place. Her family accepted us in their home and spoiled us with the best meals. 

My friend is now having a prosperous life in Australia. She worked her way and made all those sacrifices to achieve success. Soon, she will have her own bakery and I'm very excited for her.

If ever Lea is reading this, I want her to know how much I am happy and proud of all her achievements. You deserve the best and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.