If there is one thing in your life you regret doing, what would that be? Why?

I often hear this question in beauty pageants. And the equally often response I encounter is "I never felt any form of regret in my entire life." Boooo! hahahaha Seriously and honestly, I could never render such kind of response. Come on, no one is perfect. We have a perfectly imperfect life, so there's a sure chance that you regret doing or not doing something. But you see, I don't totally view mistakes and wrong decisions negatively. These mistakes turned regrets simply gave me a painful way of learning things. Things just didn't turn out the way we wanted or expected, so that's when regret comes to the picture.

I have my own share of countless mistakes which I later regret. Most of them uprooted in my inability to become courageous enough to discover things.

One of my greatest regret is my inability to learn any musical instrument. I have been fascinated by women who can play the flute and violin. I envy them and this is one thing I regret not doing. I never pursued my interest in music.

I could have performed in school better. I struggled in my Elementary to High School years. But when college came, that's when I started gaining small recognitions. It was only in college when I realized that I can make things happen. It's just that during my Basic Education years, perhaps I wasn't brave and hardworking enough to give my parents good grades.

I was forced to burn bridges, which I regretted to a certain extent. I adhered to the belief that friendship should not be a burden. Friends are supposedly there to support and pull you up. I distanced myself, kept quiet and decided to let go. This experience gave me a lot of lessons about friendship. After this storm, I became careful and literally chose the people whom I will call friends. Burning another bridge is something I never wanted to do again.

I discontinued blogging for a while and I deeply regret this now. I started blogging in 2005 and that was it. I made a lot of blogs from different platforms, which I just allowed to sleep and fade away. If only I have sustained my interest in blogging, I should already have a deep archive of 6 years.

I know this is not one of those posts that I should be proud of. But my 30 day challenge is about myself, so this is just a proof that I have my own honest mistakes turned learning experiences.