A week ago I have posted my birthday wish. Some of my blog friends greeted me already but the truth is, my birthday is still on December. ;-) I made that post because all of a sudden, I found myself contemplating on my past birthday celebrations.

For this day, I will not be sharing another birthday wish, but some of my short and long term goals.

My first wish is to finally shed off the excess lbs I have gained in a year. Sorry for ranting so much about my weight gain. But the truth is, I am affected every time a colleague or relative would tell me that I am becoming healthier! A painless way of saying "you are getting so fat" In a span of a year, I gained 20 lbs and you know that is something not healthy too. I wanted to lose weight not for show off purposes. I just want to become healthy for the rest of my life.

I hope to find my own niche of specialization at work. Before, I always dream of promotion and position. But I later realized that position doesn't necessarily mean superiority and earning the respect from your colleagues.

Pay my debts and cut my credit cards.... Hopefully the hormones responsible for producing my shopaholic attacks will cease. ;-) I wanted to live a life without those plastic electronic devices.

A fat fat fat savings account! Not because I wanted to purchase something. I wanted to feel secured and financially independent.

I wanted to become a great educator in the eyes of my students. No, I don't mean any award or citation. I just wish that my students will remember me as one of their greatest teachers.

My first international publication! A dream that would make me feel that I still gave self worth. I wanted to become immortalized in print. Hopefully, my first attempt to enter the international field of research will be a success.

And of course, that one great wish....

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!