Before I answer that question I just have to say this, Wohooo!!! I'm half way of my 30 day blog challenge!!!!!

Now back to regular programming ;-) Yes. I collect a lot of things during my younger years and this has become a source of those petty arguments with my mother. I always irritate my mother as a result of my desire to accommodate a lot of things in my small room. Before, I collect scented stationeries, stickers and letters from my friends. And those personally handwritten letters? I still keep them. I also mentioned in a previous post that I used to collect this

Stamps from all over the world!
I wanted to revive this collection but the problem is how? The presence of email and social networking sites made communication faster and easier, which somehow defeats the nostalgic and personal approach of letter writing. Despite the fact that we are already in the digital age,  I still appreciate receiving personally handwritten notes.

My Jet Li film collections
One of my greatest wishes is to complete his entire line up of films. So to my local friends, you have an option what to give me this Christmas :-) Aside from Jet Li, I also collect DVDs of my favorite movies because if I become a millionaire, I will surely construct a mini theater in my new home. Okay, somebody has to slap me to wake me up from dreaming.

Today is a Monday and to start my day I'd like to recite my favorite "Monday chant." You want to hear it?

Here I am shouting this



Wishing everyone a great week ahead!